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Imagine hosting an event, or conducting a presentation, without running into any technical difficulties. Imagine high-tech audio-visual equipment turning your event or presentation into a grand success. Imagine not having to deal with any delivery costs, or the hassle of going back and forth to set up equipment.

Well, if the idea sounds fantastic to you, imagine how great it would be in reality. We want to let you know that at, we have turned this vision into reality! We make renting laptops and other equipment a breeze.

Diverse clientele

We are an experienced computer rental service, providing nationwide service. We have a variety of clientele whom we rent computers and audio-visual equipment to. Our clients include small and large businesses, along with high-level corporations, event managers and organizers. We also provide rentals to individuals for personal events. Whether you are hosting an event for family and friends, or a business conference, you can choose to hire our quality rental services.

Why rent?

The answer is quite simple. Let’s face it! No one likes to lug around a laptop or a projector everywhere they go. Our clients are usually people who are constantly on the move. They present sales pitches, conduct business meetings and conferences, and with all that to worry about, the equipment is probably the last thing on their minds. We seek to make this part of the process simpler.

When you rent a computer or other equipment, you can enjoy peace of mind. There are no hassles of setting up the equipment, or making sure everything works properly. Our technicians will do that for you, so that you can focus on your event.

Renting tablets also means that you do not have to put up with slow devices. You can keep upgrading to better systems every time you rent, while taking advantage of working with fast and current technology.

Rental process

We are experts in the field of ipad rentals, so you can rest assured that you will always get the best service. If you require rental equipment for your event, you can speak to us about exactly what you need. Feel free to tell us about all your requirements, and if necessary, our qualified technicians can also make a few suggestions to help with your event set up.

We maintain a vast inventory of items ranging from laptops, computers, audio-visual equipment and more. We also have a large stock of Apple products including Apple Macs, iPads, iMacs, so you have a range of equipment to choose from.

Once you decide on the equipment, we can deliver it to you at your meeting location, hotel or office. Our delivery service covers most major destinations in cities, and being a nationwide service, we can provide the necessary equipment in all the major cities in the United States.

Rental plans

Whether you wish to use a rental computer or any other equipment for a short-term or on monthly basis, we will customize the rental plan to suit your needs. Our server rental prices vary from client to client, based on individual requirements. We give you all the cost details upfront, so there are no surprises later. We assure you that you will never have to pay any hidden fees when renting from New York Computer Rentals.

Quality service without compromise

We deeply value client satisfaction, and take pride in the first impression we make. Prompt and punctual delivery service to your event location is always guaranteed. Our professional technicians thoroughly check and test all the equipment before it is dispatched to you. The technicians can also set up your rental equipment at the location, and they will be present during the event as well to make sure everything runs smoothly.

To know more about our services, locations, and rates, contact us at New York Computer Rentals.