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Desktop Rentals

New York Computer Rentals is a nationwide rental service offering all kinds of technology for rent. We also specialize in desktop rentals to businesses that require desktops for an upcoming project or a conference. We provide desktops for rent to call centers, computer labs, and training centers.

Renting desktops

Instead of having to buy new desktops and all the equipment that goes with it, is it not better to rent them? Renting desktops means that your business is saving money and time in purchasing completely new systems. If your needs are short-term, for example, a short project, or corporate training session, you can rent our desktops and take advantage of our accommodating rental plans as well.

If you need several desktops at a time, we can also arrange those for you. We maintain a large inventory of the latest technology in PCs. We have brand name desktops in stock like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple and more. If required, we can install any software or additional programs you need on the PCs before they are rented out to you. This way, you are not stuck with the mundane task of installing software on every single desktop manually.

We understand that sometimes, businesses require the simplest of technologies at a low price, to fulfill their needs. Desktops are a great option if you want to use all the necessary programs at one place. Rent a desktop from New York Computer Rentals, and see what difference it can make to your business.

Rental plans

We are a business ourselves, so we understand how important it is to save money whenever you can. We offer flexible rental plans for our clients. Let us know if you need 1, 10 or 100s of desktops and we will arrange it for you. All of our desktops are readily available at your request, and if you feel that you might need more of them, you can always make a change in your rental plan.

We offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans to suit your business needs. We do not put any caps on usage, so even if you rent a desktop for a day, the rental price will be very reasonable, and we will not hesitate in providing the equipment to you.

Reliable and expert service

Our clients have been taking advantage of our reliable and exceptional service for a long time now. Call centers, small business and large corporations have used our rental desktops, PCs, laptops and more. The rental process is simple and stress-free. Once you get in touch with us, we will appoint a point of contact for you, with whom you can discuss all your requirements. You can tell us about the brand of desktop you need as well as the specifications. We have desktops that run on a variety of operating systems like Windows, MacIntosh, Linux and more. Also, we can provide 32-bit as well as 64-bit desktops, to suit your needs. Once we know what you are looking for, a little paperwork needs to be completed and you can have the desktops delivered to you within no time.

Our team of technicians will deliver the desktops, and help with the set up as well. If you experience any problems with any of our machines, we also promise to exchange the desktop without any delays. When your trade show, or training session ends, and you no longer require our rental desktops, our technicians will take away the equipment for you.

Our delivery services are available to you, no matter how small or large the order. Also, we serve clients nationwide, which means your needs can be met no matter where you are in the United States. We value your appreciation and strive to meet your needs any time and every time.

To learn more about our services, or if you have any questions, contact us at New York Computer Rentals.