New York City Computer Rental for Trade Shows

Computer Rental for Trade Shows

Trade shows and fairs offer the perfect opportunity for businesses to bring their offerings to the public. So when you participate in a trade show, you have to do whatever it takes to impress the visitors to your booth. National Computer Rental for trade shows offers the best and the latest technology you may need to make your trade show a big success. From laptops, iPad kiosks, LCD screens and touch-screen interfaces, we can provide all the equipment that will leave your visitors at the trade show impressed and eager to know more about your product.

Hassle-free shipping of trade show equipment

You may not have every piece of hardware required to make your trade show booth an interesting or exciting one. Even if you have the required equipment, transporting it to the trade show venue can be a hassle. Transporting delicate equipment like projectors, LCD screens and laptops is not an easy task, as there is always the risk of such expensive equipment getting damaged in transit. There will be no more such hassles when you choose National Computer Rental as your partner for computer rentals for your trade show.

We cater to business and individuals across the country. Wherever your trade is, we will deliver the required number of laptops, LCD screens, digital sign boards, iPads and iPad kiosks and audio-visual equipment that you will need for your trade show booth. Not only that, we will also install the systems and have our technician present at the venue for you, to make sure that no glitches hamper the event. And after the event ends, we will un-install and transport the equipment back as carefully as we delivered it to you. All this, we offer at a reasonable price!

Customized solutions to make your trade show booth unique

Have anything special in mind to make your trade show booth seem unique and interesting? Then tell us about it and together we will make the best use of technology and create the desired setting in your trade show booth. From installing laptops, PA systems, LCD screens, cameras to installing something as complicated as LCD video wall in your booth, we can take care of everything for you. If you are not sure what kind of equipment you would need for the trade show, our experienced tech staff can help.

When you want to use technology to make your best presentation at the trade show, leave it to our experts to setup, install and manage the equipment in your booth. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with our services.

Create an interactive trade show booth

Trade shows offer you an opportunity to interact with your prospective clients in person. Talking to them or simply handing out fliers as they pass is not going to create the desired effect on them. If you want to draw crowds to your booth and have them spend time in it as long as you want them to, you need to give them something interesting. One of the best ways to make your trade show booth interesting is to make it interactive.

National Computer Rental offers iPad and iPad kiosk rental and installation for your trades how. We can also pre-install your app or presentation that you want the visitors to see when they interact through the kiosks at the event.

Rely on us for timely delivery

When you need the equipment delivered and installed at a particular trade show venue on a particular date and time, you can rely on National Computer Rental for trade shows to take care of it. We are known for offering the finest and the latest in technology for hire at highly competitive rates and also for our exceptional customer service as well as round the clock tech support.

Call us today for more information about our computer rental solutions for your trade show.