New York City Computer Rental For Education

Computer Rental For Education

Are you wondering how computer rentals can affect education? They have a lot to do with education especially nowadays when schools, colleges and universities have to function on a tight budget. Educational institutions often try to save money in the IT department, by not buying enough computers or by opting for older versions of technology.

Schools are starting to deprive students of the basic knowledge about technology that every student is expected to have, by not providing them with the latest in technology. Technology can be quite expensive to buy and when it is kept in schools, there is always a chance of the equipment getting damaged, leading to the purchase of more new equipment. At National Computer Rental, we provide computer rental for educational institutions at very affordable prices.

Competent rental services

If you require rental computers at your institution, contact us at National Computer Rental and tell us about your needs. We have a huge inventory of PCs, monitors, and other peripheral equipment that is readily available for rent whenever required. We maintain our equipment with care and upgrade the hardware as well as software regularly. This is to ensure that your students get to learn the latest software and hardware, without compromising on the quality. We have a wide range of PCs from different companies. We can provide computers that run on various operating systems as well.

Hiring our service is simple and if you need to rent laptops, all you have to do is give us a call, or fill out an online form on our website. A customer service agent from our company will get in touch with you regarding your query.

We will give a dedicated point of contact in our company – an agent who will handle your order request from the beginning of the rental process, till the end. If your requirements change over the process, or you need something specific from us, you can discuss it with our customer service agent, and your request will be fulfilled.

Once we get your order, we prepare your computers by checking and testing for any damage or any technical issues. The equipment you request will be delivered directly to your educational institution, to save you the hassle of picking it up. Our team of technicians will accompany during the delivery of the equipment and will also help set up all the computers for your students including internet connections, printer connections and more.

Reasonable rental packages available

Generally, we offer our tablets on rent to institutions on a long-term basis, but we can also customize a short-term rental plan for you if needed. We understand that running an educational institution is difficult, so we try to help you stay within your budget. We offer great rental prices on computers, and include other services as well in our rental package. If you require a specific software to be installed after a few months, our technicians can come back and install it for you.

Our services are available across the nation

We offer our services in most of the major cities in the US. Whether it is Virginia Beach, Kansas City or Washington D.C, no matter where your institution is, we can provide ipad rentals for education without any problems.

We are proud to say that we have a great team of employees, and with their experiences combined; we can keep on serving you better. Our technicians will come to your institution and explain the use of the computers and other equipment properly. Also, if down the line, you need help, we provide on-site and off-site technical support to our clients. We guarantee immediate system replacement if you run into any problems with one of our devices.

For more information about the services provided by National Computer Rental, give us a call. We will be happy to serve you.