New York City Computer Rental for Surveys

Computer Rental for Surveys

Surveys are an integral part of market research. Besides businesses, research organizations, governmental institutions and even students sometimes have to conduct surveys as part of their school or college projects. While a survey is an activity that lasts for a short period, it can reveal significant information that the business or individual can use for growth. Also, a survey would entail research, paperwork and report writing - all of which can become tedious and time-consuming without computers and other necessary equipment.

National Computer Rental is your reliable computer rental partner for surveys, offering state-of-the-art computers, printers, tablets and other systems you need to complete your survey as smoothly as possible.

Various rental equipment for survey

When you conduct a survey, you need laptops, tablets and other hardware for different tasks. For instance, carrying the survey questionnaire in an iPad makes it easier to collect data and store it without any hassles. An iPad, which can be used to replace paper questionnaires, also removes all the hassles of carrying a bunch of papers and the mess they can create. Your team will also end up spending a lot of time collating the papers, arranging them and manually transferring the text from the questionnaires to the system.

Using an iPad instead of paper for door-to-door surveys allows your team to collect the data digitally and transfer it from the iPad to the system in no time at all. All this saves a lot of precious time that the team can spend on analyzing the results of the survey. iPad is also an eco-friendly alternative for paper questionnaires.

Customized Rental plans

Right from conducting research to prepare the survey questionnaire to analyzing the survey results, you need a computer for everything. At the same time, you will require different software applications during different segments of the survey. Purchasing computers and licenses for software applications for temporary use is not feasible for a lot of businesses, especially startups. In such a case, renting the servers and the software applications you need for the survey is a good idea.

At National Computer Rental, we understand that our clients have unique needs, based on the type of survey they are conducting and the industry they belong to. For example, if you want to prepare a questionnaire that requires the respondents to answer in a YES or a NO, then we can install a responsive survey app in the iPad, so that all your team has to do is click on the option to collect the necessary data.

Just tell us what your tech requirements are for the survey and we will provide the necessary hardware and software to you for rent. If you are not sure what kind of systems or software you need to use, our tech experts will be more than happy to guide you in choosing the right rental package.

Hassle-free delivery and installation

Are you looking to rent iPads in bulk for your survey? New York Computer Rentals for surveys will provide affordable iPad rental solutions for your survey and research. Tell us how many iPads you need and where they have to be delivered, and we will deliver them for you at that location. We also deliver and install computers, printers and other equipment you require for data analysis. All this, we offer at no extra cost!

That is not all; we also offer round the clock tech support to ensure that your project or survey goes on without any interruptions.

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Talk to our team of experts today for more information on the computer and tablet rental packages we have for you. Any questions or queries you may have, our team will be happy to answer.