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New York Computer Rentals offers nationwide Apple iPad rental service at prices that fit your budget. iPads are now a popular and an effective solution to conducting presentations, conferences, and other such events. They provide faster response times, and can be great to use for networking, and sales opportunities. With iPads, you do not have to rent the bells and whistles that come with desktops.

There is no need for a separate keyboard or a mouse, and all the necessary applications are at your fingertips. iPads also offer easy access to online content during presentations and event.

Exceptional rental experience

Rent an iPad from us, and see the difference for yourself. We provide the excellent service from start to finish, and offer all kinds of support to our valued clients. Our clientele includes small enterprises, big corporations, businesses, tradeshows, and event planners.

We maintain a huge inventory of the latest iPads. If you require first, second, third or fourth generation iPads, or an iPad mini, we are the company to get in touch with. We take the utmost amount care when it comes to our devices. They are frequently upgraded and tested for any performance issues. This is done to ensure that you do not encounter any compatibility problems when you rent the devices.

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iPad renting made easy

If you need to rent iPads, or other Apple products, New York Computer Rentals can provide excellent service. If you have an upcoming event you would like to rent iPads for, get in touch with us. You can speak to a member of our technical team, and discuss your requirements with them. If needed, they can also offer their expert advice with regards to your event, and the type of equipment you might need.

We will provide all the accessories with the iPads such as a cover that converts into a stand, a protective sleeve, and more. Before renting the iPads to you, we perform a thorough check for any kind of damage to the device. If you need any specific applications to be installed in the iPads, we can install them for you before your event, and ensure they work properly. Also, if any of the devices do not work as expected, we guarantee a replacement right away.

Also, if you are setting up a kiosk at the event, our team of qualified technicians can set up the iPads at the kiosk for you, and also take down the set up once your event is over.

Affordable rental packages available

We offer a variety of services when we rent our devices to our clients. Best of all, these services are all included in the rental package that we offer. Our rental packages are flexible and interchangeable. We rent iPads on a daily and a weekly basis for a very affordable price. If you need to use our devices for longer than a week, we have a month-to-month lease in place to fulfill your requirements.

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As a nationwide service, we operate in all of the major cities in the United States, and also provide delivery services to well-known destinations of those cities. Our delivery service gets your equipment to you on time, and with care. We provide on-site technical support as well as off-site, in case you run into any problems during your event.

If you would like to take advantage of our range of services including computer rentals, audio-visual rentals, iPad rentals and more, contact New York Computer Rentals, for further details.