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LCD Monitor Rental

LCD monitors are an excellent way to showcase your products or your services at large-scale, or even small-scale events. These products have great features that enhance your visual information and draw in the audiences or potential consumers depending on what you are using the LCD monitors for. Why purchase brand new LCD monitors if they are only going to be used once. Save money and time, and choose to go the easier way. Renting LCD monitors can be great for your wallet, as you do not end up spending unnecessary dollars in buying new equipment and paying taxes on them.

LCD monitor rental service

At New York Computer Rentals, we provide excellent rental services for LCD monitors. We have the latest technology in LCD monitors, offering the best resolutions, various input options, high definition capability and much more. In choosing to rent LCD monitors, you are also making a wise economical as well as environmentally-friendly choice. LCD monitor renting means that you can save a lot of money on energy, as they use less power. These monitors are also great for carrying around because they are not as heavy as other CRT computer monitors. Their sleek design is appealing and it is also possible to tilt, swivel or make the display screen move up and down.

With all these advantages of an LCD monitor, why bother using any other technology. We have the best monitors in our inventory, which are regularly taken care of. We clean our monitors and PCs, and check for any damages on the screen or on the body. All of our LCD monitors are readily available to rent whenever you need them.

Renting made easy

We have made renting super easy with the help of our amazing customer service staff. If you require LCD monitors for your event, you can contact us at New York Computer Rentals. Whether you are hosting a corporate conference, expo, trade show, or if you have a small booth set up, our staff can help. Our agent will inquire about your location details, along with the order details. If you need help in deciding how many monitors you might need, our technicians can advise you on a suitable number. At times our clients have asked for extra AV equipment to use in combination with the LCD monitors. We can arrange for that, and more! We can also offer touch screen monitors, if you want a more cutting-edge product in your event.

Flexible rates for LCD monitor rentals

Your need for an LCD monitor may depend on the duration of your event. We offer flexible rental plans for our clients who require our equipment for long-term. If you need the monitors for more than a month, we have affordable month-to-month leases in place for you, to ensure that you are not burdened by the overall rental cost. If your requirement is a short-term one, we can customize the rental plans to fit your budget as well. The rental plan we offer also consists of a delivery service option, where you can get your equipment delivered right to you. We have no limitations on our plans, so you will not have to pay any hidden fees or extra charges.

Nationwide service available

Be it computer laptop rentals, or AV equipment rentals, we can provide any service from our vast range of services in all of the major cities in the USA. We have a great team working for us, which means you get great service for a very reasonable price. We know your event is important to you, so we offer on-site and off-site technical support, along with guaranteed device replacement in case you experience any equipment-related problems during your event.

For more information about us, and for order inquiries, please contact us at New York Computer Rentals.