7 Affordable Tech Tools that Can Benefit Your Business

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Anything that helps to get a job done faster and/or easier is good news for business owners. With that in mind, here are 7 affordable tech tools that can benefit your business.


Hiver works with Goggle Apps like Gmail for business to capture all of your emails and store them. The idea is that you can then go back to the archives and look at business domain email discussions. You can also set rules to acquire only emails for a certain topic, such as “accounting,” and see those emails in a group. Hiver is a free service


PostPlanner lets you create a schedule of planned posts. Instead of sitting down every day to write a post, you can take an hour on Monday to write all of your posts for the week and schedule them to publish at set times. PostPlanner allows you to be more active in social media while you focus on other things. It’s free if you use it with your personal profile page and about $5 a month for a business page.


If you travel frequently for business, Turly Tags could help you retrieve lost luggage or other valuables. These tags use a private code and don’t show your full name and address. If someone finds your luggage or laptop, they can tap in the code at TurlyTag.com and send you a note. They you arrange terms with the finder to send your luggage back to you. You can get versions of Turly Tags that tie onto your bag or you can get stickers to apply to smaller items. They range in price from about $5 a month for 14 tags to $12 a month for 96 tags.


Soonr is similar to DropBox but with a few important improvements. The main one is that Soonr is more workgroup oriented. For instance, this tool lets you create projects, assign team members to certain tasks and configure alerts via texts that let everyone know that a document has been updated. Soonr costs $10 a month for 25GB and three team members or about $30 a month for 100GB and five employees.


ConnectedHQ is a social media dashboard that focuses mostly on managing contacts. The service automatically pulls in contacts from your email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. When you click a contact, you’ll see more than a name and phone number; you can check their work history, see recent postings and view recent email exchanges.
ConnectedHQ costs $10 a month.

Dymo LabelMaker PnP

The Dymo LabelMaker plugs into a USB port on your Mac or PC. The software is housed on the device itself and appears automatically on the screen, so all you have to do is design the label and print. The label maker uses fonts on your computer and you can add your own logo. You don’t have to have Microsoft Word and the labels are pre-sized to work properly. This label maker works with 6mm, 9mm or 12mm labels.

Addonics NAS 3.0

Cloud-enabled storage devices like Pogoplub and Drobo make your files available from anywhere. Small companies may already have a USB drive but no way to access data over the Internet. The Addonics NAS 3.0 is an adapter that connects to an existing drive using a USB cable. It also comes with an Ethernet port to connect the adapter to a router. It costs $65 and, for businesses on a budget, it enables easy mobile access.

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