Ad Aware Free Antivirus+ 11- A User-friendly Anti-virus Software

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Ad Aware Free Antivirus+ 11

Lavasoft’s Ad Aware Free Antivirus+ 11 is an improved version of its earlier avatar and comes with a totally new look and feel. The licensing partners are not the same which has brought some changes, but they are all not very positive. The latest version spreads the control all over the feature-specific tab. It also uses a consistent color palette which is a lot more serene. Almost all the features are available and there is an explanation for the ones which are not present.

Difficult to learn anything about the software with the help of labs

There are many laboratories out there that performs a number of realistic tests and captures the malware hosting sites by running it on an Internet simulator. This a very effective way of finding out the effectiveness of anti-virus software that perfectly mimics a real-world attack. Unfortunately, you do not get much to learn about Ad-Aware from these lab simulated attacks as they do not participate with many of the labs. This is one factor that works against the anti-virus as you do not get the assurance of safety. In the real-world, if you are faced with a serious threat, you are not sure if the software will protect your system from any sort of damage.

No major progress in its malware blocking capability

The earlier version of this product performed brilliantly and earned a fabulous score in the malware blocking test. The result of this test was similar to many of the other popular anti-virus software. However, the latest version of the software when tested against the same set of samples failed to perform and detected only 83 percent of the threat and got a reduced score of just 8.3 points which makes it among the under-performers. This significant difference in the score is mainly because Lavasoft changed their engine partner to Bitdefender from VIPRE.

Performance of the software when it comes to handling tough malware

The Ad-Aware quarantines all the malicious software as soon as it detects them which is a more effective way of solving the problem than waiting for the scan to finish and then asking the user what to do with it. For certain serious malware, there is a no-install command line scanner that helps in circumstances where the malware impedes the installation of the anti-virus.

Pros and cons of the software


  • New and attractive use-interface.
  • Remote malware remediation for free.
  • Ability to block quite a few malicious URLs.
  • Its free of cost.


The previous edition of the software performed much better in the malware blocking test.

Ad Aware Free Antivirus+ 11 is indeed a good solution, but clearly it is not the best either.

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