All You Need To Know About Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Since last 3 years software giant Microsoft has been making constant efforts of convincing its target audience that tablets can replace laptops. It has made three key design iterations that have perhaps been among the most significant attractions of the Microsoft Surface series. It was in 2014 that the idea was executed in designing Surface Pro 3.

The message it sent across was pretty clear. It said that in case a user is ready to compromise on some aspects, a tablet device could replace his/her laptop. It has also led to a series of copycat designs from leading brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, and several others. So it was not surprising when Apple too decided to be a part of the pro-tablet battle.

However, things seem to have changed for Microsoft in the current year, as it seems to be willing to the battle behind it. The company is not making any more attempts to sell the concept that a tablet can replace a laptop. In fact, if you have want to own a real laptop, the software giant would be quite glad to sell you one.

Do you think that Surface Pro 4 is distinct from the rest? Well, it may not be different in the ways you might opine. It is surprising, but true that it is astonishingly similar to the functionality, design and appearance of Surface Pro 3. Interestingly, Surface Pro does not have to bear the burden of being the lone version of Microsoft in the personal computing segment.

The good news for Microsoft is that it has the ability to become perhaps the best Surface till date.
The latest version of Microsoft Surface is not out to prove that a tablet is better than a laptop. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is for all those who are convinced about its utility and functionality.

Are Pro 4 and Pro 3 similar?

The current version of the Surface from Microsoft is quite similar to the design and appearance of Surface Pro 3 that was launched last year. In fact, both the versions look so similar that it would require only an expert and trained eye to distinguish between both of them. Both of them have the same design and overall shape.

While both these laptops sport a gray magnesium finish, they also have similar adjustable kickstand. The laptop takes pride in its signature and familiar look. Its use in two different generations actually manages to establish a visual and brand identity for the devices manufactured by Microsoft.

Compromises in the design are not addressed in Pro 4

If you have already used the Pro 3 in its tablet mode, you must be aware how awkward it used to be. The Pro 4 also suffers from the same design compromise. Although Windows 10 Operating System allows you to easily switch between the tablet and desktop mode, a user may find it comfortable to operate it in the desktop mode and mostly use the windows-based apps. 

However, it must be also mentioned here that Pro 4 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It weighs simply 1.73lbs. Despite that, it is still quite a large device and cannot be held comfortably in your one hand for long periods at a stretch. For instance, while an iPad user may read a lot while commuting; a Pro 4 cannot work well for a similar purpose.

Pro 4’s battery life and performance resemble that of Pro 3

As far as the battery life of Pro 4 is concerned, it is similar to that of Pro 3. Typically the battery of a Pro 4 would last for about five hours. If a comparison of rundown test between the two models is done, Pro 4’s batter would go on for an hour less than that of Pro 3.A good thing about the Pro 4 is the presence of a charging brick and an inclusion of a USB port so that the user can also charge his/her smartphone easily.

Windows 10 Operating System is installed in all the Surface devices except for Surface RT. Ever since the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System earlier this year, several issues and bugs related to it are being fixed by the software giant. However, it is still at an early stage and several other new issues may come up later.

An example would be the Calendar and standard Mail apps that might still give trouble while synchronizing with an account in Google Apps and the frequent crashing of Microsoft store. In case you are interested to know more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, how about renting it first so that you get a fair idea about what it has to offer for you?

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