Aorus X7 Pro – A Mid-range Gaming Laptop with High-end Components

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Aorus X7 Pro

Gaming laptops are normal laptops with beefed up specs that make them fit for intense gaming for long periods of time. There are only a handful of laptops in the market as of today that can meet gaming expectations. Most of these comes with a very hefty price tag and can only be used by professional gamers. But what if you are not gaming professionally but still want a laptop that will let you play whatever you want and give you a full gaming experience? Companies are slowly waking up to this need and filling in the market gap for such laptops at unbelievable prices for passionate gamers.

A midrange gaming laptop that will leave you pleasantly surprised

The Aorus X7 Pro is the latest release by Gigabyte from their still new laptop range, and it is already creating a flutter in the gaming world. It comes with some amazing specs for a fraction of the price of high-end gaming systems.

  • A 17.3 inch TN (Twisted Nematic) high definition screen. It has a 1920 by 1080 resolution in a matte finish with anti-glare.
  • 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor with a 16 GB memory and 2 x 256 GB mSATA SSDs for storage space.
  • It comes with a dual NVIDIA GTX 870M SLI graphics
  • Multiple ports for SDXC card, USBs, Ethernet and HDMI.

It is light for a gaming laptop at under 7 pounds with a sleek black metal body. Fans push warm air away from the GPU and the keypad, keeping the system cool and comfortable to use for hours of continuous gaming. Dual graphics have given this system enviably high scores on laptop gaming tests.

What not to expect from the Aorus X7 Pro

But this laptop comes with its fair share of issues. The TN display is not as sharp as it should be for the price point of between $2000 to $2600, and feels very dull and pixelated for high quality gaming. The fans, batteries and touchpads are also a bit disappointing. You have t keep it constantly plugged in if you are planning on gaming for a few hours.

  • Relatively high price or the specs and features it offers.
  • Display will not give you a proper feel of the gaming environment.
  • Fans are very loud and noisy.
  • Touchpad is slippery and not apt for gaming.
  • Battery life is too short for a gaming laptop.

An overall verdict is that the system has some amazing specs and is solidly built for its mid-range placing in the market. But it fails when it comes to build quality and design details which makes this laptop unsuitable at times for gaming. If the build quality can be improved, this laptop is amazing with graphics in its mid-range placing.

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