Apple Hits a Home Run with 5K iMac 27 Inch

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iMac 27 inch

If you ask people in the desktop computing business, which is the best desktop computer, the unequivocal answer will be- Apple iMac. If the Apple iMac 27 inch was not good enough, Apple has now launched the 5K retina display iMac 27 inch, redefining the desktop computing experience. With this, Apple has finally brought its fabled retina display screen to the desktop.

From the outside, the new system will look like any other iMac. It has the same curved stand, the same aluminum frame, the same glass slab on the screen. There are no discernible changes in the physical appearance. Its what’s inside that’s important.

The screen has 5K retina display capabilities, with 14.7 million pixels. This is four times the screen quality on your standard iMac (27 inch). Apple has also installed its fastest processor yet on the 5K iMac 27 inch (a four generation Intel processor with AMD graphics).

5K retina display gives seven times better pictures than the average HD TV

The 5K retina display gives seven times the pixels you will find on a 1080P HD TV set. You can put any content on the screen; the iMac will detect the type automatically and display the proper resolution. Videos and photos will be shown at native resolution. There is a different system for text though. For every pixel defined here (for text), the iMac will show four pixels. The text will be of the same size but it will be sharper. It is actually easier to read text, browse sites and write documents on the new iMac than before.

The 5K 27 inch iMac is currently retailing at $2499. It is a complete set- the main system (iMac with 5K retina display), an Apple wireless keyboard, an Apple Magic mouse and a power cord. It also has new apps for photos, videos, audio, documents, presentations and spreadsheets. There are new apps for Internet surfing, texting and FaceTime calling also. Apple has also installed a redesigned version of its OS X Yosemite operating on the new iMac, to make the most out of the 5K retina display.

For all its charms, the New 5K retina display iMac is not irritant free. For instance, there is no DVD drive and if you want to watch something from a DVD or hear some songs, you will have to invest in an external drive. The ports have also been moved to the back so if you want to plug a USB drive or a SD card into the computer, you will have to spin the monitor or get up and do it. Another thing is, you cannot adjust the height of the monitor, you can only tilt it.

The final verdict

The 5K retina display iMac is the best thing in desktop computers right now. There is no doubt about it. We guarantee that you will be bowled over by the quality of the images on the retina screen. It is as if Apple has revamped the iMac. We foresee that the 5K retina display iMac may soon replace the standard iMac.

However, the system is not perfect. The biggest drawback is the cost. If you can afford to spare $2499 for an iMac, then by all means you should go buy the new iMac because in front of it, all other desktop experiences pale.

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