Ashampoo Win Optimizer 10 – A Software to Energize your Lethargic PC

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Ashampoo Win Optimizer 10

Even the best of laptops and desktops face performance issues once you use them over a long period of time. If you are facing problems like a long delay in launching applications or if the booting process is not taking place as fast as it used to be, then it is time for you to have a tune-up utility software installed like the Ashampoo Win Optimizer 10 that can help you get rid of the redundant software in your system. The Ashampoo Win Optimizer 10 will help you with all your common PC problems as well as free up a lot of space in your hard drive. Although at $40 you are sure to find other better options, but the Ashampoo Win Optimizer 10 is an app which has some real merits.

System requirements and interface needed for this app

Like most other tune-up utility software, Ashampoo Win Optimizer 10 doesn’t have large system requirements as you would need just 90 MB of free space in your hard drive and it is compatible with all the Windows operating system starting from XP. The interface of this software is quite clean with five different areas which is quite easy to navigate and has a sensible layout. The five areas are Overview, Modules, Statistics, Backup and Favorites.

Performance enhancement and the clean-up process

The users have the option of using the various individual tools or they can just click the clean-up button if they do not intend to cycle between different utilities. Thanks to the backup manager, your PC computer will be restored to its earlier state in case anything goes wrong during the clean up process. It will set the app to routinely run at specific times.  The results are quite clear as there is a marked difference in the boot up time before and after using the Win Optimizer 10. The Geekbench score also shows a significant improvement. The results are pretty much the same when compared to other tune-up utility software available in the market.

The system performance in general of the Win Optimizer is snappy especially when you open iTunes and Steam in the cleaned-up environment.

The major drawback of this software is that at $40 it grants its users with just one license which is a huge limitation when there are multiple systems in a home. Its competitors are much better when it comes to installing it in more than one system.

The Win Optimizer comes with some really cool features like the Link Checker that scans your PC and Icon Save that create save points.  All-in-all its a useful tune-up tool set, however the single PC license constraint may prove to be a hindrance.

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