Best Desktops for Personal Use

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Best Desktops for Personal Use

Do not be in a haste to discard your PC as yet. The new age desktop computer rental has a lot more to offer with its latest innovative designs, affordable range and uses that go beyond the office and work space. Today you can buy a sleek PC that covers all the operations, from streaming videos to gaming and much more.

The PC has now found space in the living room too. The latest PCs available in the market today doubles up as a home theatre (HTPC) and can be connected to an HDTV. However, the most noteworthy change in the desktop computer is the change from the tower based structure to a unique design. Below are some of the top rated systems which have been reviewed in their respective categories.

Apple Mac Pro (2013)

You cannot ignore the Apple Mac Pro launched in 2013. The reason why the Mac Pro 2013 has been getting attention is because it does not resemble any of the other box like desktop PCs in the market. However, that is not the only reason for it being different. This device is very powerful even with its extraordinarily tiny and compact structure. The design is not only innovative in terms of its look, but also with regards to the technology used to build the device.

Asus Chromebox M004U

The Asus Chromebox M004U is a great option if you’re looking to buy an inexpensive Windows PC.  In fact it is superior option when you consider Android equipped devices such as those offered by HP. However, it is not entirely compatible with all Windows programs.

Apple iMac 27-inch (Intel Core i5-4670)

Even though, it is only a matter of speed enhancement, the Apple iMac 27-inch has changed significantly with the installation of the Intel Core i5 quad-core processor (4th generation) and Nvidia GeForce Kepler. This newly configured device is less expensive than the previous iMac versions, but it’s equally fast and maybe even faster. Tech experts have ranked it as one of the best PCs in the market today owing to its enhanced performance.

Computer Rentals are a great way to explore the world of latest desktop computers available in the market. They usually have a wide range of computers from the top technology brands all over the world. 

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