Best Laptops for 2014

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Best Laptops for 2014

When you are going for computer rentals, make sure that you have all the relevant information you need about the current models that are available in the market. The top brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba among others are making a lot of advancement by coming up with high performance models that deliver the best results with superior efficiency. We bring to you some of these top class laptops to help you make a decision.

Here are the latest laptops to look out for-

  1. Pocket-Friendly Laptops by Lenovo (B50, G50)

    Looking for a budget laptop? Lenovo has the answer for you! The company introduces two extremely pocket-friendly notebooks that come with a loads of features. The price range starts from just $399. Equipped with Intel’s dynamic fourth generation processors, the Lenovo B50 and G50 come with a storage capacity of 1TB each. The screen is a good 15 inches accompanied by the Lenovo AccuType keyboard for comfortable typing.

    The notebooks are available in Buffalo in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 formats. The B50 model is more suitable for business related use and has a touch screen display which can be used for a 1920 x 1080 panel or  a 1366 x 768 panel.

  2. Dell XPS 12

    The Dell XPS 12 provides its users with an excellent 1080p display. Whats more is that it can flip backward on its axis transforming the laptop into a portable Windows tablet! You also get a user-friendly keyboard along with a huge touch-pad and a battery life of more than 9 hours.

  3. Lenovo ThinkPad X240

    The stand-out feature of this computer is the battery life which claims to go beyond 20 hours.  So in case you have a long flight to catch, just carry your Lenovo ThinkPad X240 with you. This laptop is quite light weighing about 3.6 pounds with a 12.5 inch screen display. It comes with a 1080 pixel touch screen (optional), a TrackPoint pointing stick and extremely swift performance!

  4. MacBook Pro 13 inch Display

    The MacBook Pro 13-Inch comes with a Retina display.  It is a strong combination of excellent performance and durability along with a top-class display. The price range for the MacBook Pro starts at $1,299. The display is an unbelievable 2560 x 1600 panel with striking colors. It has an Intel Core i5 processor and weighs just about 3.46 pounds. This model by Apple comes with a brilliant battery life of 9.5 hours.

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