Best Mac Apps of 2015

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Carrot Weather

There has never been a shortfall of useful and interesting apps for Mac users. The year 2015 did not disappoint either. Following are some of the best Mac Apps released in the year 2015 that you can purchase, or download from the Mac App store.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered weather app, with an attitude. It provides weather forecasts with quirky remarks. The app can be displayed as a full window, a mini window, a menubar icon, and even as a centered notification widget. The app has the ability to give weather reports out loud. The weather conditions are displayed on the screen along with animations. You can get a summary of the day’s weather at the bottom of the app. The app is programmed to notify you about changing weather conditions with notification pop-ups. For example, if it is going to rain, a notification will pop-up informing you the same. The app provides evening and morning updates. What makes Carrot Weather unique is its sarcastic sense of humor. Carrot Weather is a fee-based app.

Helium for Mac OS X

Helium is a floating browser that you can use to watch web videos. It is a small window that stays on top of the other windows. It can be set as transparent so that it will not obscure the other windows. You can also click through the app window to work on the window below. You can use it to watch something passively, like live sports or a movie clip, while working on some boring or tedious tasks. Helium is a free app.

Microsoft Office 2016

MS Office 2016 for Mac has a lot of new features. The overall design of the app is gorgeous. It is integrated with OneDrive. There is a Design tab in MS Word. MS PowerPoint has a presenter window that can be used to read notes privately during the presentation. This powerful office application is a fee-based app, however, you can try it for free for a limited period of time.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

A Mac system may be less prone to virus and malware infections than a Windows system, but it’s still recommended to install an anti-virus or an anti-malware application. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a free tool that you can use to scan your Mac system for malicious elements. The app will remove or delete them easily as well. If you are encountering unexpected pop-ups and ads or if your Mac is too slow for no reason at all, then definitely go in for this Anti-Malware app.

CleanMyDrive 2

If you have encountered the DS-Store file, then you know how tedious and difficult it is to get rid of such garbage files in Mac. The latest version of CleanMyDrive not only gets rid of such junk files but also has many other features. It displays all the junk files in your drives, even USB connected ones, and lets you get rid of them all with just one click. You can transfer files from one drive to another with the easy drag-and-drop feature. This free app sits on your Menubar for easy access as well.


This free app not only converts your text to speech but also lets you control it. For example, you can fast-forward by paragraphs or sentences, rewind, pause, and replay sentences. You can also use it as a teleprompter. Mac OS X’s built-in test-to-speech feature does not have an interface that lets you control it.

Reeder 3

Reeder supports most of the RSS (Rich Site Summary) services, 3rd party sharing for Pocket, Buffer, Instapaper, and so on. The app has an interface that goes hand-in-hand with El Capitan’s sleek and flat look. It features a private browsing mode and gesture support for Trackpad. It is a fee-based app.

Bartender 2

The latest version of Bartender has a new look that complements El Capitan. It has some new features as well, like a search bar to find files quickly, and keyboard shortcuts for accessing hidden menu items. The app also lets you create a second menubar that you can customize. It is hidden most of the time. This popular tidy-up-your-Menubar app is a fee-based app.

Fantastical 2

This fee-based calendar app can be integrated with calendar services provided by iCloud, Google calendar, and so on. Fantastical 2 works on iOS (iPhone OS) as well. The app uses plain language commands. Its user interface has a very appealing look.

Move to Apple Music

This dedicated app can be used to transfer your playlists from other music apps to Apple Music app. You can share and discover playlists on the Apple Music app. It is a very simple app that you can try for free for a limited period of time before you decide to buy it.


Unclutter is an organizational app for OS X. It sits on your Menubar. It has three panels, Clipboard, Drop Zone, and Notepad. They can be used conveniently with the Unclutter app. The app supports Dropbox for the purpose of backups. Unclutter is a fee-based app.

You can rent a Mac system that has all these apps, try them out, and decide to buy or download them from the Apple Store.

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