Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition – A Silent Anti-virus Solution

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Bitdefender Antivirus Software

There are many anti-virus programs available in the market that defend and get rid of viruses, spywares, rootkits, trojans and many other malicious software. However, many times all these goodies are not really required. The free edition of the Bitdefender Anti-virus is a solution that does a fairly good job by sticking to the essentials. It is a program that doesn’t obstruct the normal functioning of your system and you will hardly detect its presence. The program does its job without bothering you. Even if the scanner finds any problem you will just get a transient balloon notification.

Some issues with the installation

The free installer that comes with the program runs a scan that gets rid of all the small malicious software that can potentially interfere with the process of installation. However, you may face some trouble installing it in some systems if they are infested with Ransomware. Many times the system also hangs as soon as it is about to get installed. Bitedefender comes with a rescue CD that will solve most of your problems while installing, especially when the system hangs.

In some instances, the pre-install scan may require a re-boot of the system to wind up the process of clean-up. However, there is a real danger of the system getting stuck in an endless loop of logging in and logging off.

Robust malware cleanup and blocking

For a normal user, you do not have to actually run a malware scan. However, once you have installed the Bitdefender program, it will run a quick scan and if it finds any trace of a malware, a deep scan is run in the background. When it is running the scan, you won’t find any flashy progress bar. Once the scan is complete you will see the border turn red or green depending on whether any threat was found or not.

When it comes to blocking malware, Bitdefender has a Virus Shield component which has the ability to block malicious URLsĀ  as well as prevent any other malicious attacks on your system. Since blocking all the malicious URLs is virtually the first line of defense, your system won’t be hit by the drive-by download. The software also kills most of the previously downloaded malwares.

Protection from phishing

The same technology that protects your system from malwares also block all the phishing sites. When compared to other anti-virus software, Bitdefender performed much better as its detection rate was a whole percentage more than Norton. Only McAfee performed better than Bitdefender.

Apart from a few issues like tough installation on systems infested with malwares and tech support via email, this free anti-virus solution is something which is really awesome and you should give it a try.

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