Bullguard – An Anti-virus that is Easy to Use

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BullGuard Internet Security

Bullguard is one of the many anti-virus products where you get to see exactly the same user interface as that of the corresponding security suite, the only difference is that some of the features are either replaced by an invitation upgrade or are grayed out. However, it comes with a complete virus as well as spam protection and it does both these jobs pretty well. There is a trend these days where brands are going for a streamlined and simple look for their anti-virus software and Bullguard is also doing the same with its own software. However, the latest version comes with a lot more information for the users.

Many anti-virus products show the status of their security component in sliding panels that go in and out of view. Bullguard comes with a perfect solution for this issue. It has completely got rid of the panel on the right. However, not all users will like the change.

Sensational lab results

Out of the 12 tests it went through, Bullguard performed brilliantly in ten of them and got the VB100 certificate for detection of malware. It also earned an ADVANCED rating in a few tests conducted by AV-Comparatives. Bullguard also earned the maximum points in the real-time protection tests which tells us how well an anti-virus product would perform in a real-world situation. The latest version also uses only a few of the system resources.

Average performance when it comes to blocking malwares

Bullguard is significantly weak when compared to its closest competitors in blocking malicious sites as it was able to block a mere 10 percent of the samples. The user also gets no idea about the status of the file, for instance whether the downloaded file has been quarantined or not. Bullguard also failed to wipe out some of the corrupted files when it was launched and it also allowed it to install the executable files. Thanks to this major drawback it failed to cross the nine point barrier and puts it in the middle of the pack.

It also flags some of the malicious files as suspicious which any other user when faced with a similar situation won’t know what to do.

Improved protection from phishing

Unlike its average performance in blocking malware, Bullguard does a pretty good job when it comes to catching frauds. It performed well in all the phishing tests and was ahead of nearly three quarters of the anti-phishing software. The product which has a price-tag of $30 has a built-in spam-filter which comes as breath of fresh air.

It is perfect for all those users who do not have any issues with their email download getting slow when the spam filter is used.

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