Buying Guide for Desktop Processors

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Buying Guide for Desktop Processors

The primary specification listed in the market for computer systems is usually the processor. It is essentially the most important component of any computer. Usually, the processor is analyzed on the basis of its manufacturing company/brand, model type and the speed of performance.

Sometimes, clock rates are stated, but they are not accurate performance indicators because different models would have a different performance for the same clock rate.

Below is a list of categories to analyze the functionality of different processors:

Outdated processors

Processors that are no longer manufactured fall into the category of ‘outdated processors’. They are usually sold either in older revamped systems or highly budgeted ones. Those machines, which are installed with these processors, take greater time to run applications. There is also a possibility that these processors might not run advanced software available in the market today.

Ideally, you should avoid purchasing these systems installed with this category of processors and they might just be suitable for very basic operations. Examples of such processors include AMD A4-3000 Series, AMD Athlon XP, AMD Phenom, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, Intel Pentium 4 and several others.

Budget processors

The processors that fall into this category may or may not be manufactured anymore, but they are quite cheap and functional. The two kinds of processors under this category include:

  • Outdated high-end processors (no longer in production)
  • Latest low-end inexpensive processors

The high-end processors, which are no longer, manufactured maybe a better option in terms of price and functionality. Their clock speed may be lower but their processor enables them to carry out operations much more efficiently when compared to the newly manufactured budget systems. Desktop PC rental prices at around $400 are usually installed with these kinds of processors.

Examples of these processors include MD A4-4000 (and Higher), Intel Core i3-3210 (and Higher) and Intel Pentium G3220 (and Higher).

Middle processors

The category of middle range processors probably offer the best value with regards to different aspects associated with purchasing a system. They are usually not the speediest processors available in the market but they are able to perform well with respect to different computing operations.

They may not match up to the operational lifespan of the high-end system processors, but their price factor in comparison to their performance delivery makes you overlook their longevity.

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