Comodo PC Tuneup – An Effective System Enhancing Utility

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Comodo PC Tune Up

Is your PC running out of space whenever you try to install a software? Does it hang very often, especially when you are on a deadline to complete your work? Does your anti-virus keep popping threat alerts, not quite doing its job of quarantining the threat?  Well, then it’s time to give your PC a new life with Comodo PC Tuneup, a free tool with paid upgrade.

Repair, boost and backup

The Clifton, New Jersey-based Comodo Group’s PC Tuneup, also known as Comodo System Utilities, comes with a number of system enhancing tools. Its one-click cleanup scans for malware, junk files and corrupt registry entries and reports critical windows events. Apart from the standard scans, the PC Tuneup comes with a few other useful features. Most important among this is the Duplicate Finder, which trashes multiple copies of files, thereby providing you with more disk space.

The other useful features include Startup Manager, which lets you choose the programs to be launched while booting up, and SafeDelete, which lets you recover mistakenly deleted files. While the former boosts the system performance, the latter acts as a backup. In spite of all these additions, what is more noticeable in the software is its attractive and user-friendly home interface, neatly divided into two sections. The left panel shows cleaning options and the right panel displays the scanning process and the results. Different shades of blue add to the visual appeal of the software.

System requirements

As most other PC security tools, Comodo PC Tuneup needs minimal requirements to run. It requires only 20 MB of memory and 32 MB RAM. It runs on all major Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista in both 32 and 64-bit versions. You may download the free trial version of the software from any of the major online software providers but will have to buy the $20 upgrade to benefit some of its features.

PC Tuneup is a bold software that will take care of all your PC security-related troubles. Even though it faces criticism that it falls short of some of its competitors such as SlimWare SlimCleaner, it is still an effective tool for an average PC user. So what are you waiting for? Download and explore the trial version yourself and decide if it is the perfect PC security partner for you.

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