Computer Nerds are the New Rock Stars of the Business World

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Graduates of Computer Science

The time is long gone when people who studied computer science were considered geeks. Computer nerds are the new rock stars of the business world. Many of these so-called nerds have gone on to be become the founders or co-founders of tech giants like Facebook and PayPal.

Economic Challenges

The financial crisis of 2008 left North America with major economic challenges. High salary jobs are scarce, leaving people to work more but earn less than they did in the past. That’s because traditional professions, like civil engineering or dentistry have flooded the market, making it highly competitive. It’s simple harder to make a comfortable living.

Also, the economy has drastically changed from traditional manufacturing to technology and services.

Professions of the Future

Those in the know agree that every profession in the future will be linked to computers somehow. To run those computers we will need skills that never even existed a few decades ago.

Because of that, graduates of computer science and software engineering won’t have any trouble finding good-paying jobs. Computer science graduates will have increasing chances for career growth and work flexibility.

A Digital World

Our world is becoming increasingly digitized and, as technology continues to keep growing, enormous financial opportunities are more apparent than ever. Information technology has contributed considerably to our economic growth.

Consumers enjoy shopping online and computers, smart phones, Google, eBay and YouTube are all as normal as cars and TVs. A new generation of students is eager to study computer science related courses in order to take advantage of the opportunities this digital world offers them.

Career Opportunities

Those who have studied computer science or software engineering at college have a wide selection of career choices, including:

  • Tech entrepreneur
  • Chief technology officer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Web designers
  • System architect
  • Video game developer

The New Basic Skill

New technology is rapidly replacing any job where work can be automated, so people need to be able, not only to work with computers, but to develop analytical and coding skills, as well. Computer science has become the new “basic skill” necessary for fueling the economy and getting ahead personally.

Your Job Will be Waiting for You

Almost three out of four new job openings are going to be in computing and related professions.  Every company wants and, indeed, needs a website, social media page or an online shopping platform to reach new customers, so there’s a huge demand for software and web developers to meet these needs. On top of that, businesses need apps for cell phones to advertise their products and offer special deals.


Computer science grads are in high demand to satisfy these growing needs. More than 1.4 million jobs for computer science majors will be there for the taking by the time you graduate.

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