The Enhanced HP Chromebook 11

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HP Chromebook 11

HP released their Chromebook 11 late last year and experts and users alike for its awesome display and chic design appreciated it. The most amazing part was that the Chrome operating system was incorporated into a inexpensive laptop. However, HP have not taken any rest and instead came up with an even better version of the Chromebook this year called the Verizon LTE. The latest version comes without any limitations of Wi-fi coverage and at a price of $300; it is arguably the best in the market right now.

Design and features of the latest version of the Chromebook 11

There are only two major changes made to the older version. First, there is the 4G LTE modem that has been introduced. This modem has taken the Internet-dependent Chromebook beyond the boundaries of Wi-Fi coverage. Secondly, there is this impalpable Google-colored light bar on the lid, which glows to show that the device is on. The 1,366-by-768-pixel display offers a wider color range and wider viewing angles when compared to other Chromebooks. There is no touchscreen that anyway you cannot expect at such a low price and the speakers are also quite decent for a $300 system.

The exterior design of the system is made of high-quality enamelware and is available in all theĀ  colors of the Google rainbow. The keyboard is customized with specific function keys corresponding to the Chrome. The power charger has a micro USB connector. Chromebook 11 boasts of two USB 2.0 ports and a combination microphone and headphone jack. There is no HDMI output, but the micro USB port also supports the SlimPort, which outputs video to the HDMI through a SlimPort adapter.


The HP Chromebook is fitted with a Samsung Exynos 5250 processor. With a 2 GB RAM and a local flash storage of 16 GB, it perfectly suits the lightweight Chrome OS. The ARM processor doesn’t need any cooling fans, so the design is a lot sleeker as there are no vents, either on the side or on the bottom.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Chromebook 11


The Chromebook 11 LTE comes with 4G LTE capabilities and has a sleek and solid construction with a Bright In-Plane switching display.


The performance of the LTE varies and you only have a limited port selection.

The compelling addition of the LTE feature makes this Chromebook a clear winner. These are available at your nearest computer rental.

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