Flipboard – The Best iPad App for Newsreaders

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If there is any app that makes the best use of the iPad’s web connectivity and its large screen, then it is Flipboard. The app makes reading web content – be it social networking feeds, blog-posts or articles –  altogether a different experience. After having an experience of reading with this app, you won’t feel like using the traditional desktop anymore. The makers of Flipboard always come up with new versions by adding many small features and maintain its position as the best newsreader app for iPad users.

The content

You can add content to the main page by searching for the topics in the My Flipboard section. There are various categories to choose from and once you have decided on your topic, you can place it on your home screen panel. The panel gets updated automatically as it is fed with fresh content and new stories whenever you launch the app. However, you only have the option to view three panel pages at a time. The cover stories display articles by topic, source and social network which makes finding out items of interest much simpler and the app learns about your reading habits and comes up with stories in the particular section that you favor.

The best thing about the latest version of the app is the fact that you get to experience so much more than just reading materials. Apart from the conventional text, the app also supports multimedia content. The opportunity to see and listen to streaming content is something that is likely to make it more popular among the users.

The experience

There are hardly any issues with regards to performance as the app performs brilliantly. The pages appear clean with a lot of white space that is easy on the eye with fantastic use of pictures. The pages load almost instantly making the user-experience near perfect. The pages on Flipboard are quite fast when compared to other similar apps like the Google Currents which suffers from a partial lag. The better performance of Flipboard is because it displays a smaller version of the site without any advertisements. The only major drawback of this app is that it doesn’t display each story’s main image which is not the case with other similar apps.

Flipboard highlights popular stories with a distinct red icon. Although you cannot read the articles without an internet connection, you can save the pages and read thm offline with the help of an Instapaper account.

Pros and cons

When it comes to the benefits and drawbacks, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


  • Content partnership with major publishers.
  • Amazing social networking features.
  • Fast page swiping.
  • Revamped cover stories section.


The only major disadvantage is the limit in the number of panel pages.

So if you want to experience anything close to a live magazine, check this app out on an iPad at your nearest iPad rental.

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