Four Top Tablet-Laptop Hybrids for 2015

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Acer Switch 10

Four Top Tablet-Laptop Hybrids for 2015

Hybrids came into the market a while back and have since been taking the tech world by storm with their innovations and efficiency. Some companies have perfected the art of building hybrids, while some are still getting there. But hybrids have been around long enough for you to have a range of devices to choose from, which can get rather confusing at times. If you are unable to make up your mind on which hybrid to buy, read on.

These are some of the best tablet/laptop hybrids out there in the market today, and top the list for best hybrids for 2015.

  • Acer Switch 10 – This 10 inch hybrid has a mechanism that works seamlessly both as a laptop and as a tablet. The screen and keyboard are held together with powerful magnets that make switching between different modes very easy. The screen may sometimes feel too heavy and sluggish with its feature-packed top half. The physical and on-screen keyboards are reasonably good. Overall, it is a good hybrid, if you are not looking to move around a lot with it.
  • Asus Transformer Book T200 – This is a decently large 11.6 inch device that can give a run to the iPad. It has an Intel Quadcore processor and 64GB of storage included as a default. The built-in keypad and keyboard are decently designed and comfortable to use. The battery lasts for a reasonable 6-7 hours. The overall performance of the device is very smooth and clean, making it a good buy for its price point.
  • Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – This is the first hybrid that has the Core M processor. The processor, although well designed, has some issues with battery life and heavy usage. The design of this hybrid though, is extremely sleek and lightweight, making it very good for portability, if you can work around the battery life issue. It performs effortlessly well, both as a laptop and as a tablet and impresses with its display quality.
  • HP Spectre x360 – Tis hybrid takes the cake when it comes to battery life and storage. It has a built-in 256GB SSD and a battery that lasts up to 9 hours on a single charge. What makes it a bit less portable is its aluminum body that has some sharp edges and takes its weight above 3 pounds. Its Core i5 processor ensures you a smooth user experience. If you can deal with the weight, this hybrid is made for portability.

Explore details of these hybrids and see which one suits your preferences, usage and budget the best. You can be assured of one thing though – whichever model you choose, you will end up with a great hybrid that will not disappoint you.

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