Gaming Fan? We Hear You! Take a Look at the Best Gaming Laptops of 2015

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Gaming laptops that made the headlines in 2015

The year 2015 came in with a lot of good news for gamers eager for better gaming laptops and truth be told, they weren’t disappointed. Here is a list of the best gaming laptops of 2015.

Toshiba Qosmio X70

The Toshiba Qosmio X70 isn’t exactly a full fledge gaming laptop except for the fact that it has a powerful quad-core Haswell processor. In fact, the AMD graphics processor isn’t even as quick as the older NVIDIA graphics processors. It definitely cannot compete with its “rivals” either. However, thee laptop does have improved build quality. Anyway, this is not system for real gamers and for that price, it’s not the best option for anyone actually. Nevertheless, people looking for average gaming capabilities and more utilitarian use might find the X70 useful.

Schenker XMG A505

The XMG A505 from Schenker is a gaming laptop that offers a versatile gaming experience. The display is great and gamers would benefit tremendously from the NVIDIA and Intel mix. The system can handle almost any game without problems. It’s also got a fast storage unit. In fact, it’s one of the fastest out there. However, build quality and design have been compromised on this machine.

Schenker XMG P505

Another offering from the Schenker label is the XMG P505. It’s one of those options that suits the hardcore gamer.  It’s got the best NVIDIA graphics processor that money can buy. The XMG P505 is supported by the Clevo platform, making it a typically chunky machine. However, weighing in at 2.6 kilograms, it is one of the lighter systems compared to its competitors.

The key features in the P505 include the high end graphics chips, top of the line IPS display, 1GB SSD and the robust build quality. It feels great even as a regular PC.

Aorus X7 v2

The Aorus X7 v2 is a rough and tough laptop in terms of build quality and it’s quite slim at just 1 inch. But, it does weigh over 3 kilograms, making it slightly uncomfortable in terms of portability. Nevertheless, it is a superfast gaming system, thanks to the dual-GPU setup. Of course, the performance comes with a price.

MSI GS70 Stealth

The MSI GS70 breaks the typical desktop replacement trend that a lot of gaming laptops are known for. For starters, it doesn’t weigh a ton or look despicable. This is a sleek gaming laptop. In fact, one could almost confuse it for an ultrabook. It’s much lighter than most of its competitors and looks simply amazing.

The laptop comes with the latest NVIDIA graphics card, Intel Haswell processor, and 2 SSDs storage units. Of course, you can expect to pay a fair amount of money for this great machine. But, with those specifications, the expense is sure to be worth it.

Origin EON17-S

The Origin EON17-S offers plenty of value compared to its rivals, despite the exorbitant pricing. It’s the perfect portable replacement for your home-built desktop gaming PC. Though, the typical gamer might argue about price, the truth is that you cannot get this quality and service with a self-built gaming system. Plus, you get a lot of extras including a bundled mouse. The Origin EON17-S is a practical choice, to say the least.

Alienware 17

The Alienware can be best described as the “complete package” when it comes to gaming laptops. It offers the experience of a gaming desktop, while providing the convenience of a laptop. The AMD graphics chip inside provides the kind of performance that would impress any desktop gamer.

Even the build quality is on the better side of things. Though, there may be a few, but fixable, problems, the Alienware 17 is still worth investing in.

Gigabyte P34G


The Gigabyte P34G is a simple looking gaming system in terms of appearance. However, it does pack a ton of performance; enough to spoil most gamers. In fact, the P34G can be used to play games such as Titanfall using the peak settings, without any issues. It also offers good value for money.

The P34G is the best alternative for systems like the Razer Blade or Alienware 14, provided you are willing to sacrifice the flashiness that comes with those models. But, you won’t be compromising on the gaming experience at all with this plain, yet brilliant machine.

Razer Blade

The Razer Blade is what one would call “Space-age”. It’s got a wide range of special features. For instance, you get the Switchblade touchpad interface, which can be conveniently turned into a second screen for viewing your YouTube videos, emails, or even enhance your gaming experience.

Performance wise, the Blade comes with an Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU processor that is extremely powerful and offers great sound. It’s also a lightweight system, which makes it easier for mobile use. However, there are a few shortcomings. The keyboard can feel a little too rough and the side positioning of the touchpad can seem awkward at first, till you get accustomed to it.

If you want to test out the gaming laptops you can always try them out at a computer rental store.

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