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AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong

It’s an ideal platform for companies seeking to grow their computer business. The AsiaWorld-Expo, slated to be held in Hong Kong from April 11 to April 14, 2016 under the aegis of Global Sources Electronic Trade Shows, has been offering participants the opportunity to showcase their equipment and services since 2005. As the world’s largest electronic sourcing show, it provides a forum for computer manufacturers and rental companies to connect and expand their business.

Relevance of the expo

The Asia World-Expo is an important source of business growth for computer rental companies as it brings together a large number of buyers and sellers. As Hong Kong’s largest pavilion (with 70,000 square meters of rentable space), it constitutes a mega platform for exhibitions, conventions, concerts and sporting events. Of the 3,500 exhibition booths spread over the show venue, as many as 1,200 are for computer and networking products.

With the exhibition just a month away, 326 exhibitors have already registered for the computer peripherals pavilion, another 13 for computers bags and cases pavilion and 30 have listed for the networking products pavilion. The opportunity this provides to buyers and sellers spans billions of dollars.

Presentation guidelines

So if you’ve also enlisted for participation or are planning to do so, remember that all the big business will be lost on you unless you package and present your product and service well. Following a few simple steps would yield excellent results in terms of lead and business generation at the exposition.

Networking is important

Considering that networking is probably the single most important factor dictating your choice of participation (apart from business generation of course), here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that you do it well. Dress up formally, keep your body language positive, read the body language of the visitors and don’t overdo the sell. Be brief when talking about your business or service, make notes, and remember to follow up soon after the exhibition.

Creating an impression

Personal details apart, you also need to create an impression as far as your business goes. It’s not going to be easy to make your booth stand out amid 3,500 booths, with 1,200 more or less selling the same kind of stuff as you are. Well, setting up a good booth can be quite easy with these few simple steps:

  • Invest for the future –
    This is integral to ensuring that your booth catches the attention of visitors. Invest in a good booth, which you can probably use in the future too. A good way of doing that is getting a flexible one made for adaptation to different sizes, as and when required.
  • Identify the USP –
    Every brand has its USP, so identify the USP of your business and highlight that in your booth. Branding is critical to making your business remain etched in the memory of the visitors to your booth, long after the exhibition is over.
  • Create a buzz –
    While everyone is doing the same thing with some giveaways or the others, you can find some really unique stuff that will make your business stand out in the clutter. Perhaps you could find some inexpensive but attractive memento to double up as visiting card with all your business details mentioned therein. Giveaways are always an attractive proposition for an exhibition booth and by combining it with a business card you can save on cost too. Of course, while the ordinary giveaways need not be expensive you would do well to give some really big prizes for special occasions. A computer booth with computer games, followed up by the big prizes, could be a good way to get and hold the attention of visitors to the show.
  • Make technology your partner –
    In the computer business, technology is really the key to promotion and sales. The more technologically advanced your equipment or hardware is the more attention it is likely to get. It’s important, therefore, to showcase your technological edge through innovative initiatives, such as live, real-time demonstrations. But there’s another side to the use of technology, which relates to leveraging the latest technological know-how to make your booth really shine out. From digital signage to interactive touch screens, find unique technological ways to display your ware. Incorporate this technology into the social media and see it transform your booth from just one of many to the one that’s the exhibition’s star attraction.
  • Organizing time and space –
    The successful implementation of these guidelines necessitates a well-structured plan, in terms of the time and space available to create your booth. Start well in time and keep a good buffer to tackle any last-minute hitch. If space is a constraint and your booth is a small one, plan accordingly.

Finally, it’s imperative to calculate the return on investment as a result of participation in the exposition.  This means keeping track of all direct and indirect costs (including booth rental, hotel, transportation, food, registration fees, booth rental and creation) and measuring them against the business generated.

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