Guide to Buying the Best Printer for your Desktop PC

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Best Printer for your Desktop PC

People are often confused when it comes to deciding which printer to buy. Printers in the all-purpose category have flooded the market and users have an unlimited variety to choose from. You first need to decide whether you would like to purchase a standard or a multi-function device. The latter also includes a scanner which can operate as a copier by itself.

You also need to do some research on inkjet and laser printers. While laser printers are most commonly seen in offices to produce clear and sharp printouts in an economical way, they can also be used in the home space. Also, laser printers come in a variety of options-mono-lasers, color-lasers and multi-function printers. Below are some of the best printers which can be used with desktops both at home and in the office.

Buying Guide

HP DeskJet 1000

Yes, this printer is very affordable given its economical price and unlike other budget printers you won’t get  stuck with high-cost consumables in the future. This is because the ink cartridges (both black and tri-color) for this printer are also very reasonable. In fact you can also purchase the XL high-capacity.

As far as  performance is concerned, it is quite fast for a budget printer. It does not come with any fancy equipment and the USB cable has to be supplied by the user. However it lives up to its claim of offering low-cost, smooth printing for minimum amount of money.

HP Photosmart 7510

The latest HP Photosmart 7510 stands out by offering a wide variety of features though it does not cover them all. Five ink cartridge tanks (CMYK) are used by the HP Photosmart 7510. It also gives you waterproof text with its pigmented black ink. You can connect it to a Mac via USB and even to your house or office network using Wi-Fi.

Lexmark Genesis S815

Lexmark’s Genesis S815 comes with a bag of new ideas. It does not use the typical flat structured scanner. Instead this multi operational device makes use of a digital camera based image capture mechanism. This means a full page can be captured in a matter of three seconds. It also has an entire range of mini apps. The applications which can be downloaded include a clock, calculator, Twitter and Facebook integration and graph paper printing. On the whole, it produces extremely good print quality. Computer rentals have different varieties and brands of printers that you can hire for your office and home.

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