A Guide to Check the CPU’s Performance when Renting a Laptop

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CPU's Performance when Renting a Laptop

You need to rent a laptop but you still want the right processor power to match with your usage. Not all tasks require high-end or extremely powerful processors. So it makes sense to compare CPU performance of different laptop categories before you select the one you want to rent. This can help you save money.

CPU for desktop replacements

When you need a desktop replacement laptop you are hoping to get a system that matches with the efficiency of a desktop and the power of its processor, but with the addition of the portability feature. So if you want a desktop replacement look for devices with processors such as Intel Core i7-4700MQ, Intel Core i5-4300M, Intel Core i7-4930MX AMD A8-7100, AMD FX-7500, AMD Pro A8-7150B, AMD Pro A6-7050B or AMD A10-7300. Look for these or upgraded versions of each when renting a desktop replacement laptop.

CPU for Ultraportables

If you are looking for a laptop to rent with portability as the main feature, ultraportables are a good choice but only if you need it for the basic features such as emails, presentations and word processing software. You can also get an ultrabook with an Intel processor. But whichever compact laptop you choose, make sure to get the right processor with it. Your best bets in this category are Intel Celeron 3205U, Intel Core i5-5005U, Intel Core i7-5500U, Intel Core M-5Y10, Intel Core i5-4200U, AMD A4 Micro-6400T, AMD A6-6310, AMD E1 Micro-6200T, AMD A10-7300, AMD A10 Micro-6700T or AMD E2-3000.

CPU for light laptops

Light and thinner laptops are better than ultraportables if you compare their performances but are easier to carry than bulky desktop replacements. These are great if you need to have a laptop that can perform all computing tasks to an extent, but are also portable. When renting a light and thin laptop look for processors such as Intel Core i7-4930MX, Intel Core i5-4300M, Intel Core i7-5500U, Intel Core i3-4100M, AMD A8-7100, AMD A4-6210 or AMD A8-7100 or higher versions of each of these CPU options.

CPU for value laptops

When you want to rent a laptop that gives you functionality as well as offers portability on a budget, it is all the more important to get a device with the right processor. These value-buys are great for all basic computing tasks but don’t expect its processors to perform well for high-end gaming and other excellent graphic applications. In the budget category of laptops¬†look for processors such as Intel Pentium 3550M, Intel Core i5-4200U, Intel Celeron N2830, Intel Core i3-4000M, Intel Pentium 2030M, Intel Celeron 2950M, AMD E1-2100, AMD A4 Micro-6400T, AMD A6-5357M, AMD A8-7100, AMD A4-6210, AMD A8-5557M, AMD A4-5000,¬† AMD A8-6410 or AMD E2-3000.

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