Improve the Performance of your System by Installing the AVG PC TuneUp 2015

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AVG PC Tuneup 2015

If you notice your PC is no longer working as smoothly as it did when you got it for the first time, chances are that your PC is full of junk files or your hard drive is fragmented or your Windows Registry is in a total disarray or it is a combination of all these three reasons. Luckily, all these issues will be resolved if you have the AVG PC TuneUp 2015 installed in your PC. This tune-up utility will improve the performance of your PC by removing all the junk files, defragmenting the hard disk and getting rid of unnecessary programs. The software does a fairly good job of energizing worn systems, but the license limitation makes it very expensive.

Starting up with the AVG PC TuneUp

The AVG PC TuneUp is compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system starting with the XP and it requires a simple internet connection to fire up the license and receiving the updates. The major problem with AVG PC TuneUp is that the one year subscription that costs $40 can be installed only on a single computer unlike other tune-up utility software which lets you install the program on a number of systems. The software though is quite easy-to-use. Once you open up the program, it runs a system scan that finds out defragmentation and registry problems along with some other issues.

Features of the software

The interface of the software has a total of six sections which includes clean up, optimize, personalize, fix problems, dashboard and all functions. Most of the functions under these tabs are easy to understand for a layman. The dashboard displays the total number of issues with the system and the various tools that has been designed to fix them. It also has a tool that helps you find out duplicate folders. The program has a real-time monitoring system called Live Optimization that throttles or boosts programs and keeps an eye on resource loads as required to keep the PC running in good condition. It also has other features like file deletion, back-up and recovery, battery life settings among many others.

Performance of the software

There is a significant improvement in the performance of the PC once the PC TuneUp 2015 was run as the boot time got reduced to just 33.9 seconds which is at par with all the other major tune-up utility software. It also scored pretty well in the Geekbench system performance test.

AVG PC TuneUp costs almost the same as any other tune-up utility, but it is not as effective. However, it still can be considered for a download if you can ignore the fact that it can only be installed on a single PC.

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