iPad Mini 3 – All that you Need to Know

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iPad Mini 3

Last year, around the same time, we laid our hands on the iPad Mini tablet. This year, its the launch of iPad Mini 3 that is making us wait with bated breath. Though its release is still a few days away, we have got all the information about its rumored features and its price. You could even contact an iPad rental service to book an iPad Mini 3! Before you do that, here is what you need to know about the sleek device.

To begin with, the latest entrant in the iPad family may not even be called iPad Mini 3. After iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display, this one will supposedly be called iPad Mini Air. The news has been published by a daily from Taiwan, but we doubt Apple would settle for the name. The daily even mentioned that the device will be about 30 percent slimmer, which is again hard to believe as that would bring down its thickness to a mere 5.25 mm. However, what we do believe is the newspaper’s assumption that iPad Mini 3 will also be launched in Apple’s third favorite color, golden.


As of now, the rumor mills are abuzz with the news that iPad Mini 3 will come with a fingerprint scanner, just like iPhone 5S. The new device may also be made powerful with an A8 processor. It may have an 8 MP camera and the company will probably stick to its previous screen size as well as resolution. The device will continue to follow the ‘GB variant’ format, which means its users will still not have the freedom to use memory cards with it.


Here comes the most important part. Of course, the product will be priced relatively higher, after all it belongs to Apple. The previous version of iPad Mini costs $399, so be prepared to shell out more than that for this one, if you are looking to buy it. Or you can just spend a fraction of the original cost and get the device on rent from a dealer who offers iPad rentals.

Until Apple does not attempt to make a lot of modifications and introduce the latest iPad Mini version, you may not find a vast difference between iPad Mini Retina Display and the new one.

So what do you think of the iPad Mini 3? Do you think it will stand up to the expectations or do you think it will be better to rent the product first and check it out closely, before spending on it?

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