iPads of the Future: What you Need to Know About Touch ID

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Apple Touch ID

Ever since the iOS 8.1 developer beta reference to Touch ID technology was discovered recently, there is a lot of buzz about the technology that is said to make its appearance in the iPads that will be released soon. It was Hamza Sood who discovered a string of code in the beta version which said, “Pay with iPad using Touch ID…” Even before that, there have been leaked pictures of iPad models that show Touch ID technology. Much like the iPhone 6, the new iPad will have both Apple Pay and Touch ID functions.

A lot of people were actually surprised that there was no Touch ID in the iPad mini 2 Retina and iPad Air that was released a year ago. So what is this Touch ID technology all about? It is the technology that helps identify and read fingerprints. The reason for Apple bringing in the technology into their phones is that the fingerprint is said to be an excellent password because it is unique. According to Apple, the Touch ID is the best way to make devices with iOS secure and easy to use.

Touch ID was first introduced along with the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 last year. Back then, Touch ID was used to unlock the iPhone and buy content from the App store. However, developers are being given the application programming interface required to use Touch ID as a method of authentication in apps that belong to third parties.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Along with Touch ID, iPad users can utilize Apple Pay to confirm their purchases online with the touch of a finger. They don’t have to key in their credit card data, so that the payment procedure online is streamlined. While there is much excitement over the new technology, there are those who think that the iPads that will be released soon won’t include any major upgrade on the hardware specs front.


Reports say that users can manage Apple Pay in their settings (Passbook) menu. Under the menu is a debit card or an add credit option, apart from a transaction default menu which allows a user to pick a card and set his/her address for billing, shipping, email id and phone details. The next iPad is said to come with an A8 processor and iSight, the camera, apart from the much-touted fingerprint identifier and reader.

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