Is the New Lenovo Thinkpad T450s For You

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The new Lenovo Thinkpad T450 is the latest addition to the T Series of business laptops by Lenovo with its signature combination of sharp resolution screens, classy smooth keyboard and long battery life.

The Thinkpads that start at $1592 take computing and mobile performance to a whole new level with 14-inch touch screen. It is ideally suited for businesses needs as the superfast Intel 5th generation Core i5 CPU processes commands quickly to produce excellent results. The Thinkpad provides over 15 hours of battery life making it the ideal machine for the traveling businessman and is comfortable to type and use on every narrow surfaces due to the slim design.


The conservative looking Thinkpad T450 is versatile and durable with a carbon fiber lid and body made out of magnesium. To make it strong enough to handle extreme pressure, shock, vibration and humidity the laptop has been put through MIL-SPEC tests.

Makers of this super tough laptop have tested its versatility by opening its steel hinges by nearly 30,000 times and also dropping metal balls on it from a little height. To help it survive spills the keyboard has a built in drain system. Weighing just 3.8 pounds, the ThinkPad T450 is not exactly light but is svelte enough to carry around.

Layout and functionality

The ThinkPad T450 provides ultimate keyboard comfort that is way above keyboards of other Thinkpads from Lenovo. The tactile feel of its keys with light indentations ensure that moving around the board is easy and users can easily avoid problem of pressing on adjacent keys. Its keyboard has two- mode backlight that is quite bright even in low setting.

For regular navigational commands you can use either a touchpad or TrackPoint stick in the center of the keyboard. The second option is more preferable by some users as it allows them to perform functions like highlight text and selecting small icons without moving the hand from the keyboard.

Dolby Digtal Plus

Display and other features

The 1920* 1080 screen provides more color than average notebooks and accurate images ideal for viewing movies or reading books and also for making media rich presentations. Its touchscreen is extremely responsive whether one is moving widgets around or switching through applications and also multi-touch gestures.

Its speakers provide crisp and clear audio without any form of tininess due to Dolby Digital Plus software that enhances sound quality and also allows users to customize it according to their taste. The ThinkPad stays relatively cool while watching videos or working for long hours while it’s multiple ports allows users to connect to several peripherals together.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T 450 Series is the ideal laptop for getting work done while in office or on the move and also as leisure tool to watch movies or play games.

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