Will it be a Laptop or iPad? What would you Choose?

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Deciding whether to rent or buy a laptop or an iPad depends on your specific needs and your budget. The arrival of newer versions of the iPad makes it difficult for you to choose between the tablet and the laptop, but there are some functional differences between the two.


Storage issues

One of the main differences is the interface. Most laptops come with a keyboard, although the touch-screen ones are also available. On the flipside, you can attach keyboards to your iPad as well, but that kind of defeats the purpose of what an iPad is aimed at: simplicity of design and portability. If you do a lot of research and hardcore writing, you may still prefer a laptop with a keyboard for the sheer ease of typing thousands of words per day and storing in on your hard drive. Never mind what they say about saving stuff on the cloud, most traditional writers/researchers still save up their manuscripts on the hard drive of their laptops.

You should continue to use the laptop if storage is a very important aspect for you. If you are a photographer and have a large collection on your hard drive, then the laptop is still your best bet. If your work involves special proprietary software created specifically for the laptop, it is best to get work your done on the laptop. You could use the iPad for some amount of work, such as creating presentations or exchanging documents, but if the special software won’t run on it, you will have trouble.


Serious gamer?

If you are heavy-duty gamer, you would still need a gaming laptop with lots of graphics power to enable you to play games. The iPad allows for plenty of gaming opportunities thanks to a wide variety of apps, but for the serious gamer, the laptop is still the best bet.

However, if portability is one of the most important features you are looking at while buying a device, you could opt for the iPad. The iPad makes it incredibly easy for you to check mails on the go, respond to queries, check social media, make business presentations, among other functions. It is an amazingly versatile device and you could use it for entertainment as well. The iPad also has great battery life, to boot. So if you are travelling and don’t necessarily have to work on large projects in San Diego while on the go, stick to the iPad.

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