Laptops that are ideal for presentations

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Ideal Laptops for That Big Presentation

Presentations are a key element in any business.  Whether your corporation is presenting at a conference, or you have a table or booth at a trade show, there will most likely come a time where you need to present in a manner that is professional and appealing to your audience.  In order to present to potential clients or current colleagues, you need to use the latest tools in your market.

When people think of presentations, they typically consider the software to be the most powerful aspect.  Your software should be a map to guide you in constructing your presentation.  PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used presentation software programs used in business, and is easily transferred throughout different industries.  Simple and easy to utilize, PowerPoint gives you the tools to present at a professional level.

There are also alternatives to PowerPoint, which have a long-standing reputation.  Customshow is a popular presentation software program, which concentrates highly on branding your business throughout your presentation.  Customshow is used by companies that want exposure, and require a strong branding presence throughout their presentation.  For companies that are looking for a strong impact and sleek appearance, Prezi is a highly recommended and popular presentation software which is known for using movement and spatial displays to create visually impressive presentations.

When you are preparing for a presentation, having the right equipment to work with is just as important as using the right software program.  The right presentation can attract people to your business, educate them on your qualifications, and showcase your product or new developments.  In order to design the ideal presentation to fit all of these requirements, you need a device that is easy to use and navigate, has compatibility with the software, and can be easily transported to showcase the presentation on site.  The latest in computer technology has a lot to offer when choosing a laptop for your presentation.

The Lenovo G50 and Lenovo ThinkPad T450 are both highly recommended for presentations. Lenovo offers professionals the technological capability and visual quality that make an impact when presenting.  The Lenovo products are made for business, have a long battery life, and are capable of handling a lot of activity at one time, meaning that you can work on your presentation at the same time you are fact checking, researching, and downloading images to highlight your subject.

Dell computers are a favorite for professionals worldwide.  A Dell laptop is ideal for the traveling professional.  Dell Inspirion makes multiple models that are recommended for PowerPoint, but the one of the most recommended is the Dell Inspirion 3543-2000.  These laptops are known for being durable, making them the ideal model to bring to multiple presentations or on a long trip.  If you’re really serious and about professional hardware, the Dell XPS 13 is portable as well as capable of high performance, although the price is significantly higher than the Inspirion series.

HP has also developed products for the business minded user.  The HP Pavilion Touchsmart is often a preferred choice for quality presentations because of its high definition display and exceptional picture quality.  The touch screen is a feature appreciated by graphic designers, and works well with visual displays.  It also boasts a 15.6 inch screen, which makes it an ideal option for creating a quality presentation for those who need to conceptualize the “big picture”.  You can also utilize its exceptional picture quality for presentation display in smaller groups, such as a meeting.

Formerly perceived as the affordable alternative, Acer has developed updated technology in the Acer Aspire laptop series, which is specifically geared toward professional use. The E15 is the most highly recommended Acer model for presenting.  Professional user ratings for the Acer Aspire E15 are high and positive.

Being known for superior graphics and design quality presentation features, the Apple Macbook Pro offers a combination of qualifications that make it highly preferred for presenting.  With a long battery life, easy portability and high performance, the Macbook Pro is perfect for conference and trade show presentations.  It is also a preferred choice for one on one meetings where presenters are showcasing a product to a client or investor.

For large companies, the expense of purchasing the latest in computer technology can be significant.  Many professionals choose to work with a rental company in order to stay current with the most recent products on the market.

Today’s consumer market is driven by visual data.  An excellent presentation can reach people in ways that a simple description cannot.  Having the correct tools to create presentations that strike interest and educate the observer is essential to the success of a major company. By knowing the options available, both in software and high quality hardware, the modern professional has a clear advantage over the competition.

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