Laptops that Are Loved by Gamers

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Laptops that Are Loved by Gamers

There are two kinds of gadget freaks – ones who love their devices for their appearance and visually-appealing features and others who love them for their reliable, quick software. Then there are gamers! These gizmo lovers do not love their machines just because of they have a thing for science, but also because they love indulging in a fast-paced gaming sessions with their gang. If you too are a gamer, here are a few picks that we think will help you take your gaming experience a few notches higher without spending a bomb on, well, you know what. Once you make a pick, don’t forget to order a trial version from a computer rental store as that will help you save some more! So let us get started.

Razor Blade 14

The first one our list is the super-fast Razor Blade 14 loaded with a powerful graphic card. This lightweight gaming notebook boasts of the 4th generation Intel processor. Meant for hardcore gamers, it continues sporting a solid black chassis, which makes the three-headed snake logo of the company stand out bright with a green back-light. The approximately 4-pound beauty offers a beautiful HD display. Believe us you would not want to ever stop playing when you see the colors popping out realistically. The 2.0 Stereo speakers backed by the Dolby’s Home Theater v4 software give out crisp, loud audio. By the way, did we tell you it is also the world’s thinnest gaming laptop?

Alienware 17

What is it that you look for in a gaming laptop? A strong, sturdy body? Colorful display? Wide viewing angles? Excellent graphics? Solid performance? Well, then check them all off your list with Alienware 17. The award-winning, two-toned laptop certainly has one of the best gaming laptops designs ever! You should certainly rent this one from a computer rental store to believe what the beast is capable of!

Enough about how great it looks. Let’s find out if its performance matches its looks. Well, you will not be disappointed on that front too. It screen is a whooping 17. 3 inches, which is perfect for playing every game you own, be it the World of War craft or Tomb Raider. Alien ware scores over Razor Blade with its viewing angles. The text appears crisp too. The audio is powerful as well as balanced. Perhaps the only things that we did not like about it are how it heated up to a rather high temperature after a while.

Yes, we said we won’t be talking about the appearance anymore, but we cannot help but tell you that the laptop even shines in dark! Isn’t that wonderful?

So why not try both these gaming laptop rental first from a computer rental store and then decide which one to pick?

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