Latest Windows Update: What Does it Have to Offer

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Latest Windows Update

If you are still not sure what your favorite OS, Microsoft Windows, was trying to offer you in its last upgrade, here is a chance to learn more. No, it does not want you to get confused this time again. Believe us when we say this, life will definitely get better with this upgrade, unlike the last one, which made people almost give up on their old, reliable operating system. Here is what the upgrade, which is due to be released in mid 2015, has to offer. You can even get a computer rental store to help you out with the installation or try the demo for a while, before you decide to stick to it.

What a great start!

Our beloved ‘Start’ menu is going to be back! Most users hated the fact that the option was taken off in Windows 8. Back on demand, you will get the feature now. So when you start the system, you will be welcomed with a familiar setting. The option will show at the bottom of the screen (its regular place). However, what is new is the addition of the two panels, which will show you (in a pinned format) the apps and programs that you use the most or the ones that you used recently.

Internet search with Start

How many times has it happened to you that you switch on your laptop for a quick internet search, but by the time the system opens and you go to the web browser you even forget what you were supposed to look for? Well, with the latest upgrade of the Windows, you will not have to deal with the situation anymore. A useful upgrade that the OS will offer is the ability to use the search tool of the Start menu for getting answers off the internet. So whether you like taking shortcuts or are just forgetful, here is one feature that will certainly help you.

Multiple tabs? We give you multiple desktops!

Yes, you read it right. If you have been an Apple user, you probably know about the Spaces feature offered by it. Perhaps inspired by the same, Windows too will be offering a similar feature. On the latest Windows-enabled system that you rent from a computer rental, you will be able to set up a completely virtual desktop for your programs. Say you only tend to use apps like Amazon, Ebay or NetFlix at home, you can customize the home desktop to display just these, clearing all the clutter. Similarly, at office, you can make an impression of being a true professional by adding only the work related programs on the second desktop. Quite an idea, right?

We are eagerly waiting for the upgrade to release. While you are at it, why not pre-order a computer rental installed with the new Windows upgrade?

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