Lenovo C260 vs. Lenovo Y50

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If you’re looking to buy any of the latest laptop devices from Lenovo, below is a review of two if its recent offering: Lenovo C260 and Lenovo Y50.

Lenovo C260

Lenovo C260

The two things that can be positively stated with regards to the Lenovo C260 Touch are: it saves space and it is inexpensive. The laptop comes equipped with a 7,200-rpm 500GB hard drive. It has 4GB RAM memory, 3 USB ports (2.0), built-in LAN and also a media card reader among some other useful features. There is a webcam (720 pixels) and speakers installed in the Lenovo C260 that deliver an average performance.

The bad news is that as opposed to several other multi-functional PCs, there is no in-built Bluetooth feature in this laptop device. In addition to this, it has an extremely sluggish CPU (quad-core Intel Pentium) working at 2.42GHz.

The touchscreen is 19.5 inches wide (1,600 x 900) and is also considerably smaller than several other competing devices in the same price range, such as the Acer Aspire Z3. Typically PCs in the ‘all-in-one’ range are design to save space. But in the case of Lenovo C260, it does not spare a huge amount of free desk space as compared to other similar models. Essentially the major issues with the C260 are its power and speed.

Lenovo Y50

Lenovo Y50

The latest gaming laptop by Lenovo has dropped the Ultrabay and now weighs approximately 5.29 pounds and is only 0.94 inches thick. Therefore it is much slimmer and lighter as compared to the bulkier Y510 weighing 5.95 pounds and measuring 1.41inches in thickness.

The lid as well as the underside of the laptop is fitted with panels made of aluminum. Adding to this is the patent crosshatched design of Lenovo. Even though, the additional pattern is a minor touch but it lends a distinctive appeal to the laptop making it stand out in comparison to all other devices which typically opt for the horizontal-brushed design.

The aluminum backing of the screen lid leads to significant rigidity and makes it less flexible. The underside of Y50, which is made of metal, lends durability to the machine and makes it resistant against hard surface damage.

Being a gaming laptop, the Y50 does not boast of very powerful speakers. This seriously impacts the thrill factor for serious gamers.

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