Lenovo Edge 15 – A Laptop with an Identity Crisis

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Lenovo Edge 15

The Lenovo Edge 15 is a laptop with great features, but flounders a bit on performance. Nevertheless it is a great buy and if you loved Lenovo’s Flex 2 then you will definitely love the Edge 15.


The Lenovo Edge 15 is one of the most-favored laptops because of its hinge that allows for screen rotation to up to 300 degrees. This is best used when watching a movie and is also good for presentations. But the screen is not made in a way to allow for full rotation. So this useful feature falls a bit short on expectations, but is still good enough.


Edge 15 measures the same as Flex 2, but weighs a bit lower. But it’s still heavier than some  of the other laptops in the same segment in the market today. But the weight at 5.2 pounds and the size of 0.8 (h) x 15 (w) x 10.9 (d) inches are not an issue if you mostly need to use it indoors with an occasional outing.


The Lenovo Edge 15 is endowed with a full-sized keyboard that comes with a compact number pad and a comfortable touch-pad. It is suitable for fast typing and comes with back-lighting. So what might appear as a cumbersome feature actually acts as a strength for the Edge 15.


A full HD display resolution (1920 by 1080) makes for good viewing for movies and general purposes especially with the support of the audio features. But you can’t use this for DVDs or even Blu-ray viewing as it lacks the optical drive. But these are going out of fashion and more and more tech companies are doing away with this feature so it isn’t really a drawback. Overall brightness and colors are okay and satisfactory to an extent.


Edge 15 comes with a good hard drive space (1TB), which is quite an upgrade from Lenovo’s Flex 2 and also some of the other laptops in the similar price range. With a 6 GB RAM and Intel Core processor (i5-4210U), the Edge 15 is great for everyday tasks. It may not have the best of specs, but it is quite good given the pricing of the laptop ($600 approximately). You can stream videos, render websites and edit photos with Intel’s graphic features on a moderate level, but it is not so good for gaming. The battery life is quite good at approximately 5.5 hours, but it is not the best out there.

Overall, the Lenovo Edge 15 is a good laptop with a solid performance and satisfactory features. It’s kind of falling a tad short on every feature with a few less-than-satisfactory features. So not a great laptop but good enough and that’s like an identity crisis with ‘neither here nor there’ but still worth a buy.

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