Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.4- The Most Feature-packed Web Browser

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Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.4

When it comes to PC web browsers, there are only a few of them which are popular among people and just a handful of them control the whole market. However, the Beijing-based Maxthon’s Cloud Browser 4.4 has managed to attract quite a lot of followers. According to the company, they have over 140 million active users around the world and the browser which is available for free has been downloaded more than a billion times. Maxthon has taken an unconventional route to make it more popular by adding as many browsing features as possible some of which include 3D gaming engine and built-in PDF viewing.

Another differentiating aspect of the twin-engine browser is the fact that it has cloud services like Cloud Download and Cloud Push.  These features lets the users send content to other devices and save the web downloads directly to the cloud storage instead of to your system. Thanks to its twin-engine architecture, it supports for HTML 5 features.


The Maxthon web browser is compatible with all the major operating systems including Windows, Android and Linux and works pretty well on both handheld and desktop devices. It has a small 1MB installer that simultaneously puts a helper app on your PC that notifies you as and when new versions of the browser are available. Once you sign up with the Maxthon Passport, you will get to use some of its other cool features.


The most striking aspect of the browser is that it has no visible minimize and exit buttons on the top right corner. It becomes visible only when you move your mouse over it.  Another small, but amazing design choice is that the search box gets enlarged when you click on it, giving the page address ample space. It gives you a privacy advantage as the address box and search box are separate.


The Maxthon Cloud Browser performs fairly well. It makes use of the components from Internet Explorer as well as Webkit. It gave a pretty satisfactory result when it was run through some of the tests like the hardware acceleration and JavaScript Benchmarks.

Benefits and drawbacks

The Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.4 has loads of advantages like the “Do not track” feature is enabled by default, Cloud syncing of tabs, a speedy performance, a fairly good support for new web standards and many more.

Despite of all the cool features, the browser also has a few glitches, for instance some users won’t really like the browser as it is crammed with a lot of features, the tabs are not as flexible as some of the other popular browser.

The Maxthon Cloud Browser comes as refreshing change from the many others that just copy the features of its competitors.

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