Why You May Prefer a Desktop to a Laptop

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Desktop PC vs Laptop

Most of us seem to have forgotten the good old desktop, what with a range of smart phones, tablets and laptops hitting the market. All of us want portable, slimmer, lighter devices, but there are some of us who still prefer the PC, and there are strong reasons why you may still want to stay with your desktop rather than the laptop.

  • The cost factor

Desktops are less expensive than laptops irrespective of whether you buy them, rent them or give them for repairs. The components of the desktop are easier to fit and are not expensive.

  • Processor and battery power

The processor of a desktop is typically more powerful than a laptop processor. A laptop’s processor is designed to use lesser energy and produce lesser heat because a laptop runs on battery. Desktops are designed to draw endless power from an outlet on the wall and are surrounded by fans to lower temperature. Desktops also offer more ports than laptops do.

  • Gaming

There are exclusive gaming laptops which are pretty good, but the desktop is ideally more suited to heavy-duty gaming than a laptop. You can add graphics cards into the desktop easily for more processing power. Even a special gaming laptop rental has space for one graphics card.

  • Upgrades or repairs

If you feel the need to upgrade or repair your desktop, you can do so easily by adding additional RAM or boosting the processor. With a laptop, it becomes harder to upgrade or add extra storage space.

What’s the verdict?

If you need to use a lot of creative software such as photo processing or video related ones, you would need a desktop PC that gives you wide screen space, high-end processor and graphics card, keyboard or a mouse. The laptop is marketed as a mobile, portable device so if you choose to ignore that and can work comfortably with a desktop, it is infinitely a better way to work. Also, a desktop is more durable than a laptop.

If you want a computer to use at home and take it out to work as well, then you will need a laptop. You will have greater freedom with the laptop, but if you want a computer that lets you play games, store heavy-duty files or work on important design or art assignments, the desktop PC could have an advantage. You can easily build your desktop PC from scratch, but building a laptop from the beginning is not easy. Desktop PCs and laptops can both be used according to your specific needs and situations.

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