Microsoft Comes with an Update for Windows 8.1 that Will Please Keyboard and Mouse Users

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Windows 8.1

Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 update sometime back, which was seen by many as a step towards its vision of a making a hybrid OS that is compatible on desktops, laptops, slates as well as tablets. Microsoft’s initial update focused more on the touch interface, but with this update, more attention has been given to keyboard and mouse users. In two years time, the Windows 8 has got its third revision. This update however sees no real new features as the map app and the new ebook reader has not been included. The update has brought some new behaviors and interface elements for mouse users. The best part though about the update is that it includes more than 200 performance tweaks that will be beneficial for both touch and non-touch users.

You can get the update with a streamlined approach as you won’t have to download it from the Windows app store, but instead you will get it through the standard Windows Update mechanism. Even the Windows 7 users can get it from the Microsoft Web Store. There are two versions, the standard version will cost you $120 while the pro version that comes with certain additional capabilities like network domain joining and disk encryption is priced at $200.

A lot of choice for the users

Microsoft has given its users a lot of choice which includes a total of 5400 certified PC models  as well as more than 4 million apps. They also have 40 percent of their devices with touch capability and the user satisfaction has been more than any of its previous operating system. However, since majority of the Windows users still prefer to use mouse and keyboard, Microsoft had to come up with this update as they were not really happy with Windows 8. People at Microsoft realized this unfulfilled need and somehow tried to undo their mistakes.

New features that has come with the update

  • Default boot for mouse-driven PC

The OS now detects on its own whether the system is a touch PC or mouse-driven PC and it adjusts itself in many other ways.

  • Desktop task bar features some of the modern apps

The update has tried to combine the world of the traditional Windows desktop programs with the so-called tablet and mobile-friendly world by including some of the modern apps.

  • Power and search button on the start screen

You can start typing at the start page itself thanks to the presence of the search button on the start screen. They also have added a clear on-screen power button in Windows 8.1 which is likely to make the new users very happy.

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