Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade released

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Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows upgrades have been released, and Windows 10 slipped right through the radar with automatic upgrades.  Many users were frustrated when they did not seem to have the opportunity to decline the upgrade, although Microsoft maintains that this option was and is still available.   Despite confusion and complaints concerning the installation method of the new software, the upgrade offers some changes and updates for Windows users.

Microsoft has redesigned the upgrade process to automatically start upgrading without asking the user directly or having the user seek out the upgrade through the system.  Instead, Microsoft has an option within the installation process that allows the user to decline the upgrade and restore the older version.

Windows 10 features a start menu that will be familiar to long time Windows users.  This feature has not been available since Windows 7, and has been one of the lamentations of loyal Windows users since Windows decided to forgo the Start menu with Windows 8.  The new version of Windows maintains the fast startup, app capabilities, and personalized options as Windows 8.  Users can personalize and pin their favorite apps to the startup screen for easy access.

Windows has also kept security features to protect the computer and the system, but now you are capable of logging in to your system with a look or touch.  The software is designed to be compatible with existing hardware, such as various brands of printers and laptops.  This compatibility is updated with each Windows version, to include new hardware and faster communication.

One new feature of Windows 10 is the introduction of Cortana, your own virtual assistant.  It’s a personalized feature that helps you find files or programs on your computer, manages your calendar, and even chats with you and tells jokes.  The idea of Cortana is that it becomes more personalized with continued use.  You can make requests of Cortana such as changing an appointment on your schedule.  You can even ask Cortana questions, like professional game scores and calorie content of food.

You can also use Cortana to set and receive reminders of important events.  Cortana will give you the reminder, based on your request, at the time you wish to be reminded.  Reminders can be scheduled, and repeated regularly.  If you have a microphone on your PC, you can even make voice requests to Cortana rather than typing.

If you are renting a laptop and tablet for business purposes, like a trade show, convention, or travel, Windows 10 has improved their compatibility features with multiple devices.  You can easily switch now from laptop to tablet mode on Windows 10, which means you can use the same Operating System for each device.  Also for multiple device users is the built in One Drive cloud storage which is returning from Windows 7 versions. 

Professionals will be impressed by the new browser and management systems.  Microsoft Edge, Windows’ new browser, is fast, modern, and designed with features for easy social media access and a clearer view.  Windows 10 also has a virtual desktop, which you can customize to fit your needs and access multiple open programs and applications.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is the last version of Windows for a while.  From now on, Windows 10 will be continuously updated and improved to modernize the technology and enhance user experience.  This includes increasing compatibility as new devices and technology are used. 

Windows will eventually become more of a service than an operating system, with Windows 10 being the main platform, and regular updates simply enhancing the system instead of releasing new, major system overhauls at long term intervals.  You can likely expect updates to Windows at least once a month, but a new version, such as Windows 11, is not scheduled to release any time soon.

The release of Windows 10 means more features and easy use for business owners.  Using an updated and organized Operating System makes quite an important impact on the efficiency and speed with which you are able to conduct business.  If you are leasing or renting computers, tablets, or PCs, make sure you inquire whether the equipment has been updated with the latest OS.

Overall, the feedback for Windows 10 has been positive.  It is easily compatible with multiple devices, and is easy to use on both a laptop and tablet.  Regular updates will keep the system current, and its style is familiar to many users who have had Windows in the past.  Although the system still shows a customization for touch screen users, it is able to be used with a mouse and keyboard easily as well.  Of course, the best part of the new system is that updating is free for most users, so you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 from your laptop or tablet device.

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