New Macbook v/s Macbook Pro: Which one Fares better

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Comparing the latest Macbook with the Macbook Pro

In early March, Apple unveiled the latest Macbook alongside the Apple Watch. Since the grand unwrapping, the tech world has been abuzz with the reinvention of the Macbook that many deem was much needed. Here’s a look into how the new launched Macbook fares against Apple’s earlier launched Macbook Pro.

Colour me up

The first surprise of them all, the Apple Macbook is now available in colors! When the units roll out in early April, Apple consumers will now be able to choose Macbooks in silver, space gray and gold. This is the most obvious difference between the latest offering and the previous Macbooks – Pro and Air – which have only been produced in the standard silver that we have come to associate with Apple laptops.

Look and feel

The new Macbook is by far Apple’s best looking laptop. One look at it and you are bound to go gaga over its stunningly lean design, and it is far thinner than the Apple Macbook Pro. Also, while the new Macbook is a mere 2 pounds, the 1Macbook Pro weighs at around 3.48 pounds. This makes the new Macbook a far better buy in terms of portability.

To ensure an ultra-slick design, Apple has had to make a few adjustments to body of the new Macbook. In order to deliver a superior keyboard that fits within the space constraints Apple has replaced the older scissor switches with a new butterfly mechanism that is meant to offer a noticeably better user experience.

What’s on the inside?

Performance-wise, however, the Macbook Pro remains the safer bet. The new Macbook employs an Intel Core M processor that generates lesser heat and uses lesser power, this has afforded a fan-less design not seen before. However, the Core M is widely regarded to be a poorer variant of the Corei5 or Corei7 processor that the Macbook Pro offers. The Macbook Pro will be able to deliver better in terms of performance and quality of graphics due to this difference.

Despite its amazingly slim design, the new Macbook still manages a 39.7-watt battery, which is good and yet significantly smaller than the 74.9Wh one found in the MacBook Pro. So, you will have to make a choice between the Macbook Pro’s longevity and the new Macbook’s ease of portability.

There isn’t much difference in the pricing of both products. So, it all comes to down to what suits your needs the best. The new Macbook is a dream buy for those who are constantly on the move. It is slim, slick and sophisticated and packs in astonishing features. But for those that rely on a power-packed performance during their routine workday, the Macbook is tailor made for them.

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