An Overview of Computer Monitors

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An Overview of Computer Monitors

People these days are finding different means to improve their general computing experience, especially because they are dependent on these computers for most of their work. There are a lot of rental companies that are dealing in renting computer monitors for desktops. There are a lot of options these days for people in terms of choosing monitors like plasma, LCD and LED. Here is a short overview of such state-of-the-art monitors that are available for rent and how small businesses and individuals are finding it very useful.

The different types of computer monitors

LCD monitors are flat electronic displays. These display make use of the modulating properties of the light crystals to bring about highly enhanced visuals. Apart from this, you can also opt for the more advanced LED screens that is slowly gaining popularity. The LED screen makes use of an arrangement of light emitting diodes for the display of the video. Most of the LED screen used these days is being used outdoors. The LED screens are now extensively being used on public transport and billboards as well as on the giant screens in stadiums.

Benefits of LED monitors

There are a lot of benefits of using LED screens. Here is a list of some of these benefits:

  • These screens provide the most amazing picture quality whatever be the task, be it for watching a movie, making a presentation or for playing games.
  • Since these screens make use of light, certain portion of the screens can be dimmed while the rest can be kept bright.
  • These screens are lighter as well as slimmer when compared to the traditional monitors. By using the LED monitors, you can also save a lot of desk space.
  • The LED monitors are a lot more environment-friendly than their older counterparts as these displays consume almost 30 to 40 percent less energy when compared to the conventional monitors.
  • These monitors do not contain any harmful elements like lead or mercury that can be very dangerous if we come in contact with it.

Latest LED monitors

Samsung has come up with one of the best LED monitors, the back-lit EX2220X. It has a dynamic contrast ratio that gives you the clearest and sharpest picture with an amazing response time of 2 milliseconds. This particular computer monitor in Charlotte can be easily disassembled and also has an impressive Energy Star rating.

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