Pinnacle Studio 2.0 – An Easy to Use Video Editing App

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Pinnacle Studio 2.0

The purchase of Pinnacle’s video editing software from Avid by Corel has robbed users of the video editing application Avid Studio who now cannot get a free updated. iPad users are a fortunate bunch as they can now enjoy the software as a part of Pinnacle Studio and can get updates on a regular basis. Existing users of Avid now have to fork out $12.99 for an update on an application which initially cost $4.99 and was the most powerful and easy to use video editor among competitors. The latest version is much more enhanced with 1080 pixel output and new voiceover feature too.

Pinnacle Studio’s Interface

The latest edition of Pinnacle studio released by Corel runs only on latest iPad 2 and later versions as the application is quite large at 57.3 MB and has an attractive movie styled home screen. The application’s front screen can help users start, delete, open and share movie and photo projects. If you are having difficulty in understanding any of the features, it also has a help section to assist you in setting up transitions and adding photos to movies. Once you load a project and open it for editing you can view the video editing interface with three panels for source tray, preview window with storyboard and timeline.

To edit a clipping or add it to your movie’s timeline just drag its thumbnail from source panel to storyboard or timeline. Users can add one video and three audio tracks to a movie’s timeline and edit them through toolbar on the left with options for adding clips, images, montages, audio etc. You can record new video using the iPad’s camera and then try out your creativity using the new Pinnacle Studio 2.0 application.

Switching from portrait to landscape orientation is a breeze as Pinnacle Studio rearranges everything neatly and fills the top half with video project preview so you can either contract or expand its timeline. The application’s easy to use feature allows you to trim video clips, add sound effects and voices and also adding customized zoom and pan effects. An interesting feature available in the new Pinnacle is the garbage icon which tells the user how exactly to remove a clipping or to split a clipping using a razor icon. Arranging movie clippings and storyboarding using Pinnacle is easier than iMovie as it shows both timeline view and storyboard together. The application works best in a 3rd generation iPad as it does not ask users to rebuild media library of a project.

Editing with Pinnacle

While trimming and splitting clips is as easy as cutting paper with scissors, the precision editor makes editing much sharper. Besides specifying number of frames to move from one end to another it has ripple type edits with clips besides each other in sequence. The sound options in this application are quite similar to iMovie and user can record voice overs for their videos through the microphone icon. It also offers background sound effect like chirping birds, barking dogs, applause and surprisingly loud bear growls. The audio waveform at the bottom of the clips will help you adjust audio levels and fade out when not required.

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