Start-Ups To Gadget Lovers, Everyone Loves These Hardware Options!

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If you have a person who loves gifts and start-ups (not in that order), then it is a problem finding a present for that individual. However, a number of start-ups are already selling hardware products that will make excellent gifts. The following is a short list of such gifts. All the products mentioned are readily available in the market.


The manufacturer of Triby has described it as a game changing connected speaker that brings families together via communication and music. It is an all-in-one radio, independent music system and Bluetooth speaker. Triby connects all family members through hands-free mobile phone and VoIP calls. Personal doodles cab be sketched on its connected message board. The device is extremely easy to use and even a baby could receive messages or doodles, and then acknowledge them. This can be done through either pushing the yellow flag, using the pre-set button or sending any emoticon.

The In Vivo Acoustic invention provides for a powerful sound. You can stream your preferred Spotify playlists or favorite radio stations just by touching a button.


It is part of a new crop of devices capable of utilizing a vehicle’s OBD-2 port. However, unlike its peers, it can do a number of functions. The manufacturing company touts it as the easiest and the most advanced totally connected car system at present. You can stream any entertainment the internet dishes up. You can select from a large number of driving, maintenance and safety apps. If you prefer, you can browse the internet with the 4G LTE WiFi, independent of the make of the car. In a nutshell, Vinli is your ultimate driving companion. It transforms your car to a moving Wi-Fi hotspot.

Blue Microphone Lola

Unlike its competitors, who tout their headphones as a fashion accessory, and makes them a selling point, Lola is a completely redesigned headphone crafted for high quality sound. The functionality and form were totally reimagined with lightweight multi-joints and ear cups offering excellent sound isolation properties. Clarity of sound is a striking feature of Lola.

Lola’s engineers say hat great sound is possible only when there is an excellent air movement. Every facet of the design is optimized for stellar performance- starting from the big 50mm premium drivers and extends to the large enclosures that maximize air in the surrounding of the drivers. The enclosure is completely airtight and is made of a heavily reinforced thick wall. The result is a tough and vibration-resistant enclosure. It also flexes, thus providing a stable platform that enables the drivers to deliver inspiring and accurate sound.

The holistic design generates a full range sound that is powerful in low end, and articulate and warm in the mids. The product can also be used for gaming. It gives professionals a competitive edge. The custom drivers and personalized fit blend together to offer detailed stereo imaging and extreme accuracy.

Withings Activite

You can manage your body weight and strengthen the heart by using the Withings Activite. It is a revolutionary timepiece that not only looks stunning, but combines activity and time tracking. The dials of this watch are available in two colors: a smart white face with blue accent or a beautiful black pattern. Both the dials exhibit a pair of beautiful hands. The case is impenetrable with domed sapphire glass. The latter is scratch proof. The watch is water resistant up to five atmospheres. The case itself is made from stainless alloy steel, making it immune from corrosion and time. 

The strap of this watch is made of leather. Each strap is meticulously stitched from superior quality Barenia leather sourced from Haas Tanneries. The company supplies premium Haute Couture pieces of its art. Customers have a choice of tawny brown or black. Other than physical activities, you can also use the Activite to optimize sleep.

When you go to sleep wearing this device, you will wake up in the morning with a comprehensive picture of the night. The silent vibrating alarm will wake you up. Another big USP of this product is automatic changes when you cross time zones. It is linked to the smartphone and always displays accurate time. When you fly to another time zone, the watch will readjust itself to the new time zone.

Neat Ice Kit

Neat Ice Kit

It is a premium tool set used to create the best ice for stirring up cocktails made at home. Once you use it, you can never go back to making the same ice blocks. You can use the Lewis Bag, mold, and muddler and chisel to create a number of dissimilar ice types. Each of these types are specially made for a particular cocktail or drink. The ice forms at the ice mold and then you can split the ice with muddler and ice chisel.

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