Ten technology gadgets which will make a CEOs life easier

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technology Gadgets for CEOs

The substantial intensity of today’s technologies have changed the way of performing throughout our whole existence. The moment where every day’s activities have been accelerated at the “speed of light” is just so amazing; we get up in the morning and the race with our responsibilities starts.

For an ordinary working individual this struggle with time, on occasions it seems simple and plain, but if we dig a little bit deeper, and get to the core, the outcome will be shocking. We as humans rely on the fact that we have time for everything a bit more than we should, and that is why more than often end up late.

However the luxury of “gambling” with time, for the owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s of big companies and corporations is not even an option. Literally speaking if the day was longer than 24 hours, it wouldn’t be sufficient for all of their obligations. And that is why they need all the help they can get. Technology is the answer to their “cry” for help, nowadays gadgets make your life easier in so many ways, which is exactly what a CEO needs.

We sorted out, what we thought would be the best ten gadgets to help CEO’s way of functioning.

  • Google Glass – Worn like a pair of eyeglasses, they are optical-head mounted display, with a purpose of producing a universal computer. It functions like a hands-free smartphone, and the connection goes via Internet with native language voice commands. Price :  $1500
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen – It can save you time taking notes, it records audio which you can play back later, you can share notes to your computer, IPAD or IPhone via micro USB connector that gives you the chance to recharge it. The smarten can storage between 400 – 800 hours of recorded video. Price : $169.95
  • Microsoft’s HoloLens – The vision for the future comes from Microsoft. The Hololenses are a flashy headset with transparent lenses. With them you see the world in a whole new perspective, with 3D object floating in the air. It has all the settings of a computer built into the headset, and with no need of a smartphone or cords.  Price : $3000
  • Intel Compute Stick – is the second generation of stick computers from this company and it is a lot better this time around. This time its a bit bigger with more usb ports and better performance. If you don’t want to carry a laptop, this is the best option, just plug it in any monitor or TV with HDMI support and plug the power cable. And your done. You have your very own portable desktop witch is 4.5 inches long.         Price :$159
  •  Smartwatch – is a must have for a modern entrepreneur. Just having this kind of computing power on your wrist is a powerful tool. The Moto 360 is the best option for any android user. It’s slick stylish and it has great specs. And is on sale right now. Price :  $135
  • ioSafe 1515+ NAS – a safe for your data. Portable, fire resistant, amazing specs, powerful data encryption with outstanding speed. It can save a person’s carrier, and prevent a disaster. Good back up plan is needed for any CEO. This system provides that, and more. Basic edition starting at $1,999.
  • Zolt Laptop Charger Plus – and upgrade to the previous charger, it is very tiny, compact with rotating body. If you find your self constantly running out of battery power on your laptop, you need this. Price : $99.
  • Photo IPad scanning dock – Scanner that saves your photos directly to your IPad, while it docks and charges your device. In 12 seconds a photo is converted in 300 or 600 dpi JPEG image. Its integrated dock holds the IPad upright, and has a built in Lightning connector that recharges the battery in five hours.  Price : $169.95 
  • Smarter Coffee – While working and you don’t have the time to make coffee, the best thing for you is Smarter Coffee. With the single touch of your IPhone, IPad, tablet or computer, you can get freshly brewed coffee. With a build-in Wi-Fi, you can order from anywhere. With the modes integrated in it you will have coffee anytime you wish. Price : £179.95
  • Tiko – The Unibody 3D Printer – This is what you have been waiting for. Simple genuine machine that helps innovative individuals, for any kind of assignments. Price :  $179

Just to mention some other noticeable gadgets we couldn’t miss: “Welcome-Home Security Camera with face recognition by Netatmo”, “Novi – the 4 in 1 home security kit”, “ e-Motion – the Moving Robotic video chat stand”, “Juice Booster” etc.

All said, at the end being personalized with the help of all of these gadgets, and many more, will make any CEO feel better, and knowing that with the use of technologies they will have some free time left to spend  with their families or go to a picnic, vacation etc.

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