When Is It Time to Replace Your Laptop?

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Time to Replace Your Laptop

So, it’s over a couple of years since you got yourself a laptop, and now you find yourself debating if you should replace your laptop with a new one. It is tempting to get a brand new shiny laptop, but you should not rush. Sometimes, all your system needs is a minor upgrade. If upgrading doesn’t solve the problem or if there are other serious issues, then you can get a new laptop. It really depends on how old your laptop is or how well it is functioning.

Simple replacements

If the problem is only related to space or sluggishness, you can solve it by increasing the RAM or replacing the hard drive. Laptops have a small removable door which gives you access to the memory module. However, if your system already has adequate memory and is still not up to the mark, you don’t need a memory upgrade. In terms of the hard drive, you could replace it with an SSD which boosts performance remarkably.

Often, the trouble with your laptop could be the battery life. Some years down the line, your battery capacity drops sharply, coming down to less than an hour even. However, this is the easiest part of a laptop upgrade; all you need to do is get a new battery.

Trouble with the CPU?

As far as the CPU is concerned, it is really difficult to upgrade or replace it because it requires too much technical assistance to do so. If there’s a problem with the CPU or even the motherboard, then, it generally signals that you need to replace your laptop. Laptops, unlike PCs, are not ideally suited for constant upgrades. They are expected to last for about three years, and even after making key upgrades, your system may not function optimally. If you choose to upgrade, do so pretty early in the life of your laptop lest you end up playing catch-up all the while.

Cost involved

Another aspect you would need to consider while getting it upgraded is the cost. If the sum of the upgrades is almost or equal to the cost of buying or renting a brand new laptop, then it is just not worth it. Also, it is better to rent a new laptop rather than to seek constant upgrades. Most upgrades add to the bulk of your laptop and it may affect your portability; it may be a far wise thing to just rent the latest model that boosts productivity.

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