Tips to Take Care of your Laptop

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Take Care of your Laptop

Whether you have rented a laptop or have bought it, it is important to keep it in great shape. You could follow these tips to maintain your laptop:

Boost performance

Upgrade the hard disk and your laptop RAM from time to time to boost its performance. Regularly updating the software and hardware is a great way of keeping your laptop in good shape. When it comes to the battery, don’t drain it fully before charging it. Also ensure that the air vents on your laptop are not blocked and your laptop doesn’t get heated quickly. You would need to clean the vents with compressed air to make sure there is no build-up of dust.

Cleaning the interiors

You may keep your laptop clean and shiny on the surface, but it is no good if there is a build-up of grime inside. You would need to clean the hard disk, heat sink, the fan and the RAM from time to time, and also use compressed air to blow away the dust.  Get a professional to dismantle your laptop and get it cleaned if you are not sure how to go about it.

Cleaning the exterior

Make sure your laptop is shut down before you turn it upside down, and tap it gently. All the dust stuck in the keyboard and the nooks and crannies will fall out. You could also vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard. The outer casing gathers a lot of dust, so clean with a damp cloth. There are cleaning liquids available in the market for the same so you could choose one of the mild ones. You would also need to clean the screen from time to time, with a combination of distilled water and vinegar.

General tips

In general, it helps to keep liquids away from the laptop. An accidental coffee spill always ends up in the keyboard and could harm the system. Also, ensure there is lot of air circulation in and around your laptop. Your laptop should not be allowed to get very hot as it can harm the battery and make the system slow. While cleaning, don’t use regular detergent or cleaning agents; opt for computer-specific agents instead. Never lift your laptop with the screen and always hold the base.

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