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Gadgets are an expensive investment so it makes complete sense to test a few before making the big purchase. With an array of laptops, ultra-books and Chromebooks claiming to be the best in class, here is a little preview of which gadgets are actually standing up to their expectations. You can also rent any of them from a computer rental store to make sure that it is worth your every penny. Here is a look at some of the top-sellers of the year.

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

The feather-light beauty continues reigning on the numero uno position. Riding on the success of the brand, MacBook Air is still the preferred partner for many. Interestingly, the developers have not made any changes in its design since 2010. The 13.3-inch laptop is not just stylish to look at, but highly functional too. The display resolution is brilliant and even a pale-looking picture seems to turn out vibrant on this one. Though a lot of new entrants in the market are offering the touch-feature to their users, MacBook Air does not offer it. When has Apple anyway followed the norms? The graphics are stunning and so is the battery life. When you try a demo of this one, you know you wont be making a hurried decision by renting one from your computer rental service provider.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro

Talk about an attractive chassis and functionality again. The latest Apple MackBook Pro offering Retina Display runs super-fast on an Intel processor. The 13-inch MacBook is glossy as ever and  continues being a head-turner. It weighs around 3 pounds and comes with an improved battery life, compared to its last year’s upgrade. However, you know you will have to lighten your pocket a little too much for claim this one. So why not try it for a while by renting it to see if it suits your requirements?

HP Chromebook 1

HP Chromebook 11

Third on our list is the Chromebook by HP. This well-built machine turns into a powerful one with its 4G LTE-equipped offerings. Apart from being fitted with certain must-have features, it also boasts of certain unique ones which give it an edge over its competitors. Its power charger allows you to charge the device just as you would charge your phone. Apart from that, it also offers two USB ports (2.0). The connectivity that HP ChromeBook 11 offers is rather hard to find in any other device in the market. So you do not have to hunt for Wi-Fi enabled places as long as you have this one with you.

Other notable mentions include Dell Inspiron 11, Lenovo ThinkPad X240 and Lenovo Flex. Ask a computer rental store in Cleveland or Indianapolis for a trail to make a pick from the ones that suits your needs the best.

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